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The Dangers of Dating a Married Man

Dating a married man is, for some people, unchartered territory. It must be one of the most complicated relationships on earth. While getting to have a secret boyfriend can be fun and exciting, it can also have a lot of disadvantages in the end. These disadvantages will fall on your side and not the man’s side because he will crawl back into his marital bed and feel the warmth of his wife while you continue living with misery. The following cons exist when it comes to sleeping with another man’s wife.

You will get caught

It doesn’t matter how much you are being safe by taking care not to call him after 8 or not texting him. You will eventually get caught. The thrill of the relationship is great but you must realize that it will not last forever. Think of the repercussions of getting caught. You could earn a bad reputation among your friends, family and co-workers. Not many people want to be associated with the other woman. Yes, you must accept that this will become your title one day. The bad thing about this is no one will call the cheating man the adulterous husband’. Everyone will direct their anger toward you.

Won’t leave his wife for you

Not many men are willing to leave an already established life with children and money for another woman. I know he has repeatedly told you much he loves you and how he is going to leave his wife but you need to look at this as an impossible likelihood. He could leave his wife and come live with you but what would happen next? Would you get married or continue living in sin?

The reality is different

When he does get to leave his wife and come to you, you will realize the reality is different from the fantasy you had both been living in. this period is when you start seeing the real man behind all that muscle. May be you will start to realize that seeing him every single day isn’t as fun as those casual quickies you used to have now and then. God forbid you hear him farting in his sleep.

Not that fulfilling

A relationship with a married man is not as fulfilling as you think it would be. You can never see him in public and you can’t randomly call him up when you have a bad day. You can’t tell your friends or family about him because they might judge you.

No future

Living in the moment is fun but it will only result in heartbreak, a lot of tears, waste of time and energy and your feelings. You could spend time falling in love with this man but all this love will be replaced by craziness when he finally chooses his wife over you.


The shame of stealing another woman’s man is something you don’t shake off easily. The very same thing could happen to you and it could destroy your confidence and entire image. The mere knowledge that she doesn’t know who her man is sleeping with is a huge burden on you.

The next time you find yourself dating a married man you need to think about your life and future carefully. Many other women have faced these disadvantages and have managed to come out on top or completely devastated and unable to repair what is now broken.

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