Short Guy

Many women enjoy dating a man who has some height and you may be one of them. However, dating a man who is close to your height or even shorter certainly has its perks. To learn more about some of the best things about dating a short guy, read on.

Increased Confidence

In today’s world, shorter men are over looked over because of their height. However, they usually manage to overcome this by making up for lack of height in confidence. Some may deem this as being cocky, but it’s actually a sign that a guy is confident. And, you may find that your shorter guy has more ambition and drive than other men. So, if you like men who have these traits, you may want to consider setting your sights a little lower.

You’re a Supermodel

Even if you’re not a tall, statuesque woman, you are going to feel more elegant standing next to a shorter man. If you take a look at most of the models in the world, they have several things in common. The main one is that they are usually taller than the men that they date. You may never have the tall, figure of a runway model, but being just a little taller than the guy you’re with can take you a step closer to fulfilling that fantasy.

Longer Life Span

This is a surprising statistic, but one that’s actually been found to be true. When you look at men’s height and their life span, men who are on the shorter end tend to live two years longer than tall men. While this may not be a deal maker or breaker for most women, it’s nice to know that your guy has a greater risk of living longer. So, when you’re thinking seriously about your guy, know that he’s going to be around for longer.

More Options

Most women want to be with a guy who is six feet tall, but the average height of a man is actually 5 ;9. And, a lot of women won’t even take a second look at guys who are shorter, so that can leave you with more options in general. You can double or even triple your chances at making a connection by dropping your height requirement.

No Standing on Your Tiptoes

Having to reach up to hug or kiss your guy is kind of a pain and many women are tired of it. The good news is that when you’re dating a man who is close to your height, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Chances are, it’ll be much more comfortable and convenient for you both when you’re fairly evenly matched height-wise.

Many women are taking a second look at guys who are on the shorter side, and with good reason. There are a huge range of options when you change your standards, and you may find that dating a shorter man is the perfect idea. So, think outside your dating bubble and take a chance with a guy who may be not be in your typical range.


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