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The Best Sci Fi TV Shows You Need To Watch

o you like sci fi? There have been some awesome shows on television throughout the decades. Check out these sci fi shows and see what you’ve been missing!

Doctor Who

Doctor Who was originally intended to be a show to teach children about science, but it evolved into so much more. This British sci fi show first aired on the BBC in 1963 and continued through the seventies. The series came back with a vengeance with its reboot in 2005, and fans of the show haven’t looked back since, except to watch reruns. Christopher Eccleston started things off as the ninth Doctor, an alien and a time lord, the last of his kind. He travels the universe and all of time and space in a blue police box spaceship, known as the T.A.R.D.I.S. (Time and Relative Dimension In Space). Usually fighting evil, overstepping aliens, and his arch-enemy the Daleks with a companion or two on board, the Doctor proved that you don’t have to be superhuman to be a hero, just care very sincerely and do your best. Of course, it helps to be a Time Lord, too.

Space 1999

The moon gets pulled out of orbit in the year 1999, and the astronauts of Moon Base Alpha get dragged into space along with it. Martin Landau plays the Commander John Koenig and is helped by Dr. Helena Russell, played by Barbara Bain. Pulled into new territory, the crew must fight their way through space while exploring their brave new world. The show only aired 1975 to 1977, but is still a sci fi classic.
3rd Rock From The Sun

In this funny sitcom, aliens move to Earth, pretend to be human, and just generally blend in as regular citizens of Rutherford, Ohio. It aired from 1996 to 2001 on NBC. The show starred John Lithgow as Dick Solomon, High Commander, security officer Sally(played by Kirsten Johnson), information officer Tommy(Joseph Gordon-Levitt), and Harry(French Stewart), who has a transmitter in his head. Most of the comedy comes from the aliens’ attempt to understand the human condition, to blend in, and their own struggles with the trials and travails of being human, including emotions. Many of the characters develop relationships through the series, including Dick’s dalliances with anthropology expert Mary, and Sally’s relationship with police officer Don(played by Wayne Knight).


This comedy is a sci fi animated feature, created by Matt Groening. The show features a misshapen crew that all help or hurt in their own way. Fry is a pizza delivery driver who woke up in the future from a cryogenic sleep and joins selfish, beer-guzzling Bender, defensive but lovely cyclops Leela, resident wise man Professor Farnsworth, perpetual hapless shellfish Doctor Zoidberg, and logical Amy Wong. The crew continually gets into misadventures and tangles, and somehow usually come out on top, regardless of the ridiculousness of their situation.

The Six Million Dollar Man

Astronaut Steve Austin becomes mutilated following a crash and a secret government agency saves his life, and also replaces his limbs with mechanical ones. This show spawned the phrase We can rebuild him. We have the technology. Austin, played by Lee Majors, now uses his new powers to catch the bad guys and solve crimes. Started in 1973, this classic sci fi show is a must watch.

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