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The Best Exercises For Weight Loss in Women

Gaining weight is one of the serious issues many women do complain about every time. This is usually brought by poor eating habits and at times pregnancy. What many women do not know that is that gaining weight is easier than losing it. In fact weight loss is a struggle and you just have to dedicate yourself to it.

There are a number of exercises that have proven to be very effective in women who want to lose weight for good fitness. They are very common exercises that many of the women tend to ignore. Let’s have a look at them in details in the sections below.


In as much as it may sound very common, jogging is a very effective exercise for those women who want to lose weight as fast as possible. This is because it’s a whole body workout which targets every part of your body with excessive fats. Jogging for at least a kilometer a day has been proven to cause about 5 lbs weight loss. Do it on a daily basis both morning and evening for a minimum of five days a week for effective results.

Push Ups

Yes, as a woman who wants to have slim, toned and chiseled body, it’s good to devote yourself and take up push up exercises. The goodness with these exercises is that not only do they burn fats in the lower body but also the upper parts including the tummy. Make push ups a part of you every morning and for sure, you will realize the results soon. Press ups are a perfect example to burn the belly fat as well as build muscles in the biceps and the thighs.


Squats are hell of exercises that bur a lot of fats in the body. One amazing thing about squats is that it strengthens the thigh muscles as well as the tummy. You do not need any special skills to do squats! All you need is taking the exercise seriously and doing it without supervision. Do 20 squats per session and have a break of 5 minutes before embarking to the next session. It is even advisable to combine squats together with jogging such that after every jogging session, you go for squats.

Uphill Climbing

If you live in an elevated area and you want to lose weight, then running uphill every day is a sure way and in fact a short cut for weight loss. Running up the hill every morning and evening will burn fats and therefore easily initiate weight loss after losing a good number of lbs. You will gain a toned, chiseled and slim body admired by many different women.

The above weight loss exercises have proven to be effective for weight loss. Many female celebrities have lost their weight through them and believe that you are not exceptional. All you need is to be strict with yourself about the time you do the exercises. Another thing is that you have to change your diet. Avoid proteinous and fatty foods and concentrate on carbohydrates.

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