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The Best Ceramic Crowns in San Diego, CA

From San Diego, CA

Do you have chipped, cracked, stained, or decayed teeth? Ceramic crowns protect and improve your dental aesthetics. Ceramic crowns in San Diego, California, are a restorative option that cover the visible portion of your damaged or weakened tooth.

Damaged or weak teeth are a source of discomfort and pain. They make it impossible to perform simple tasks like chewing and biting, and the resulting irregular and impractical shape or frail nature interferes with the teeths’ performance.

Cracks in the enamel can expose your nerves, creating excruciating toothaches, and it may also inflict wounds on your mouth membrane and increase your vulnerability to dental infection. Staining, shape irregularities, and decay affect your perfect dental smile.

Why Ceramic Crowns Are a Perfect Solution for Crown-Related Dental Problems

Ceramic crowns have several benefits, making them among the most sought-after dental prosthetics.

Natural Appearance

Ceramic crowns in San Diego are indistinguishable from natural teeth; they look and feel like your existing teeth. Before installation, your dentist designs the crown to match your teeth’ shape, size, and color. The ceramic material also mimics the reflective quality of natural teeth.


Another essential aspect of ceramic crowns is chances of your body rejecting them are minimal. The dental prosthetic does not have metal or toxins; it only has ceramic, which is unreactive to your dental tissues. Therefore, it does not irritate or cause an allergic reaction to your gums.


Ceramic crowns in San Diego can last up to 10 years. You can enhance their longevity with a consistent dental care routine. The Ceramic material is resistant to wear compared to metal or porcelain variants.

Cost Effective

If you want affordable and quality crown prosthetics, ceramics take the lead. Ceramic crowns last long, look like natural teeth, are unreactive, and have pocket-friendly prices.

Eligibility for a Ceramic Dental Crown Procedure in San Diego, CA

A good candidate for a dental crown is someone with the following:

  • A large cavity that is unfixable with a filling alone
  • Dental fillings protrude out of the teeth walls, increasing teeth’s vulnerability to breakage.
  • Extreme dental decay
  • Severe discolored or misshapen teeth
  • A dental implant
  • Undersized or significantly eroded teeth
  • Missing teeth

Types of Ceramic Crowns

Thanks to technology, many kinds of ceramic crowns are available in San Diego, CA.

Lithium Disilicate Crowns

This ceramic prosthetic crown is ideal for biting and chewing teeth containing high-strength, translucent ceramic material known as lithium disilicate. The material is durable, strong, and has natural esthetic properties.

Solid Or Monolithic Zirconia

These are ideal for lower teeth crowns because of their unbreakable property. Zirconia is also highly resistant to fracture and wear. People who unconsciously grind their teeth can benefit from this ceramic crown.

High Translucent Zirconia

It is similar to the monolithic zirconia but lighter and translucent, reflecting the color of adjacent teeth. Thus, the high translucent zirconia has the most natural aesthetics. It is ideal for crown restorations on the upper jaw.


When Is a Ceramic Crown in San Diego Not an Option?

A crown restoration procedure requires sufficient dental structure to hold the prosthetic in place. You may be ineligible for a ceramic crown if you lack enough dental tissue or most of your teeth structure is missing. Your dentist will give you other options to restore your smile.

Is Getting a Crown Painful?

Most patients experience mild discomfort and sensitivity after a crown restoration procedure. Your dentist will provide care guidelines and medication to keep the pain threshold low until your tissues heal. You may also want to avoid hot or cold food or beverages and chewy, crunchy, or tough foods.

What Is the Success Rate of a Restoration With a Ceramic Crown in San Diego?

Your restorative procedure’s success rate depends on the dental practice placing the crown, your ability to follow your doctor’s advice, and the consistency of your dental hygiene. Over 97% of ceramic crown placements are successful in the first year after the procedure. Success rates reduce because of slacking in teeth maintenance, making patients vulnerable to periodontal diseases.

Does a Filling Prevent the Need for a Crown?

Your dentists will only recommend a filling if your cavity is small. Large cavities require a crown because fillings do not provide comprehensive protection on the sensitive part of the teeth. Furthermore, fillings do not protect the teeth long-term.

How Much Teeth Do I Need For a Ceramic Crown in San Diego, CA?

You require at least two millimeters of tooth structure, about a quarter of your visible tooth, for a crown replacement. The tooth should also be healthy and strong to support the crown prosthetic. Your dentist will examine your teeth and advise on the condition of your teeth. There are always other dental procedure options if you are not eligible for a crown replacement.

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