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THC-O Products: A Beginner’s Guide

Tetrahydrocannabinol-O-acetate, usually referred to as THC-O or THC-O, is a synthetic or artificial cannabinoid. This indicates that it is a substance that can be found in nature but is synthesized from the naturally occurring cannabinoid THC.

In a laboratory setting, toxic synthetic compounds like acetic anhydride and cannabis plants (marijuana or hemp, sativa or indica strains) can be converted into THC-O.

Little is understood scientifically because THC-O has just recently become widely popular. Some believe that THC-O is three times stronger than ordinary THC and it has psychedelic effects. THC-O is hardly regulated, and its hazards are poorly understood.

THC-O: What is it?

The hemp plant is used as the source of THC-O acetate through a somewhat difficult and hazardous chemical procedure.

The procedure starts with the extraction of CBD from raw hemp, after which Delta-8 THC is separated from the CBD. The final formulation of THC-O contains the substance acetic anhydride, which is frequently used to produce medicines, polymers, and explosives.

The unprocessed forms of THC-O can resemble thick, sticky, dark motor oil. Due to the removal of terpenes and flavonoids during the production of THC-O, it lacks both scent and flavor. This is only one of the many factors that lead us to frequently advise consumers to avoid synthetic cannabis (SCBs). Try searching for the best THC-O products here.

What are the effects of THC-O on your body?

THC-O is a synthetic cannabinoid that is thought to interact with cannabinoid receptors. It is an analogue of THC. Despite their relative chemical similarities, THC-O and THC may have diverse functional consequences, including different physical and chemical properties.

THC-O is a prodrug of THC, which implies that it is an inactive compound that needs to be converted into its active form. This is one known fact regarding THC-O. Deacetylation, which is caused by liver enzymes removing the acetate (O) group, causes this. The effects of THC-O are delayed by 20 to 30 minutes as a result.

THC-O is consumed as a rather thick liquid in edible goods, tinctures, and vape cartridges. Some people equate the effects of THC-O to less potent forms of psychedelic drugs like mescaline. The effects of THC-O must be further studied because they are only anecdotal observations.

Mescaline specifically targets the serotonin 5HT2A receptor. As a result, effects can differ dramatically from what has been reported about THC-O so far. Some have linked the effects of cannabis to those of psychedelics, but these comparisons are frequently based on individual experiences and don’t always hold true for synthetic or semi-synthetic cannabinoids.

From this perspective, it appears that the Farm Bill unintentionally encouraged the development of hemp extractions, which are frequently more potent than their delta-9-THC counterparts.

Others, however, contend that THC-O is prohibited by the Federal Analogue Act of 1986 because of its structural resemblance to THC. According to this, any substance that is structurally similar (structural analogue) to a substance on Schedule 1 shall be subject to the same restrictions. 

Is it safe to use THC-O products?

With inferior equipment and chemicals being utilized, THC-O can vary greatly and is not regulated.

When buying THC-O items, users are not guaranteed to get what they paid for, unlike when buying legitimate, FDA-regulated THC products. They might contain hazardous thinning agents or harsh chemicals that were used throughout the production process.

In addition to being unregulated, THC-O is still dangerous to take because of the true nature of its risks that have not yet been determined. This synthetic cannabinoid is thought to be three times as potent as natural THC and is more likely to have negative effects than natural cannabis consumption. Check out the ATLRx for more information about THC-O products.  

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