Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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Stress Relief Tips from a Single Dad

Two Kids Can Be a Handful

Being a single dad comes with a lot of challenges, but I’ve been trying to adapt! My two boys have more collective energy than a whole class of kids, and sometimes, they run me up the wall. Of course, I love them dearly, but they can make it tough to relax, especially because they each have their own unique needs and wants. Who can blame me for craving a short break once in a while?

Constant Care Often Conflicts with Work

My boys are at an age where they constantly want attention, and in a way, it feels as though I’ve become a second teacher and counselor! This makes it hard to deal with personal issues and my work schedule, but regardless, I’m always there for them whenever they need me. It’s better to try being Super-Dad than to give up completely!

Their Activities Consume My Week

When my kids were younger, it was easier to enjoy all kinds of activities with them, but now that they’re older, things are admittedly getting a little out of hand. It seems as though, every day, there is a practice or extracurricular activity: soccer, baseball, chess club, mathletes. It’s not uncommon for me to be their chauffeur, or their friends’ chauffeur!

In my opinion, the most difficult part about this is that there isn’t usually enough time for me to lie back and enjoy the small moments—my time after work is, after all, centered around their needs. Still, I want them to have a healthy, happy childhood, so I’m willing to make sacrifices!

Instrument and Lessons Are Expensive

If my boys’ after-school interests weren’t enough, they are big music nerds, and their lessons are drilling a real hole in my budget. As a single parent, money isn’t easy to come by; when I was a kid, my parents used to tell me that money doesn’t grow on trees. They weren’t wrong!

Sometimes, I want to spend money on myself—a big treat for all of the work I do—but I can only afford small things here and there, because two growing boys need to eat, and I want them to have the best, healthiest meals possible. Good food isn’t cheap!

Video Games Aren’t Just for Kids

Interestingly, I’ve found video games to be the perfect excuse to spend quality time with my children. People my age think that video games are for kids, but they’re not—they keep the boys occupied and also help me destress, which is extremely important.

Video game time is a great way for me to get away from a busy schedule and enjoy a fun, simple evening. I try to play with the boys at least twice a week, and they don’t mind at all. In fact, they have more fun when I’m with them! It’s great bonding time and brings me back to happy memories of my own childhood.

Treated Myself to a Facelift

If I weren’t a single parent, my face wouldn’t look as worn as it does! Aging becomes an unavoidable reality when you raise kids, and it is all the more glaring when you are doing it all alone. I came to dread looking in the mirror in the morning because I didn’t look like the person I used to be—my wrinkles and bags were getting out of hand.

I decided that something had to be done, so a few months ago, I visited a surgeon and got a make facelift. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I literally look ten years younger and haven’t felt better in ages. This was the miracle I needed to keep pushing confidently forward!

A Glass of Whiskey After They’re in Bed

Every man needs a little alcohol in his life, even if it’s a glass before bed. Every Friday, I indulge in a little whiskey after the boys are tucked in. I like to start a fire, put on some smooth jazz, and recline on the living room armchair. Of course, I never drink enough to get drunk—that wouldn’t be responsible—but it’s good to cherish some alone time. Everyone needs it!

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