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Spa Safety Solutions

Lounging in a bubbling spa is one of lifestyle finest pleasures. At least all water devotees know that. Yes, the experience apparently melts away worries and cares as you emerge truly revitalized. Even so, basic safety tips are inevitable when it comes to hot tubbing. Which is why the following safety solutions should come in handy.

Maintain sanitizer and water balance

You want to enter a hot tab only when you’re certain the sanitizer level is enough to keep the water healthy and safe from microorganisms. Of course, maintaining a proper balance of the water’s total alkalinity and PH should go a long way to making the sanitizer control bacteria effectively.

Store chemicals and spa supplies well

Have a cool and dry place for chemicals, cleaning compounds, and additives. The location should be well ventilated too, and away from direct from direct sunlight. Also, you don’t want children around this area. And it goes without saying you should read and follow all directions on the labels.

Avoid alcohol and drugs

Hot water intensifies the effect of alcohol and specific drugs. Plus, the consequence can be jeopardizing. Ensure you consult your doctor regarding prescription drugs. Otherwise, some soft drink or juice would do you good while relaxing in the spa.

Stick to the right soaking temperature

You don’t want to soak for too long in high water temperatures; it can elevate your body heat to hazardous levels. Soaking time shouldn’t exceed 15 minutes for adults, and 10 minutes for children. Either, have the kids soak in low water temperatures only. Yes, children are more sensitive to heat. Equally noteworthy, if you suffer from diabetes, blood pressure, or heart disease, you want to avoid entering a spa without consent from your physician.

How to treat infants and children

Introduce children into the spa gently. That should give them time to adapt to a change in temperature, and would help alleviate fear or discomfort. Either, you don’t want to leave children unattended to in the hot tub. Yes, even a few moments can be too long; you want to prevent rather than cure. In the same vein, ensure you don’t walk your infant into a hot tub without consulting your doctor.

Beware of hair entanglement

You risk drowning when your hair gets entangled in a drain cover; the water and hair are drawn through the drain. For that matter, you don’t want to play with your head underwater in a spa. As well, have a new drain cover installed in the old spa, or simply get a spa with two drains. That should help prevent entrapment.

Use a spa cover

When the spa is not in use, always use a locked safety cover. Ensure the cover is in sound condition; if necessary, replace it. Either, check to see that the spa cover straps are tight enough. That should prevent children from slipping under. Of course, small children always are curious, and unsupervised spas present an attraction to them. That goes without saying that unless there is adult supervision constantly, keep children away from spas. For added security, you might want to install a pair of extra tie-down straps.

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