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Smartest Fast Food Meals for a Healthier You

Recently, more and more people are becoming health conscious, and fast food is a no-no for most dieters out there. However, we can’t avoid those instances where we have no choice but to order a fast food meal just to fill our empty stomachs. Thus, a visit to a fast food restaurant becomes necessary. So, if you’re a diet-conscious individual, what are you supposed to do? Fret no more, because we’re here to help. Here are the healthy food options you should try and meals that you should avoid.

Breakfast Options

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it doesn’t mean that you should stuff your face with anything you could lay your eyes on. Stay away from those breakfast combos that look appetizing and affordable. Instead, try a English muffin or a breakfast wrap. If you need some calories, you could also order scrambled eggs. Lastly, keep in mind, the more salty and cheesy the breakfast meal is, the unhealthier it becomes.

Dinner Options

Most of us could probably relate to this. When we were little, our parents taught us that we should eat our vegetables, because it could make us healthier. As we grow older, we start to appreciate this, and we do our best to increase our veggie intake. Though, are you also aware that what you put on your salad with could have a positive or negative effect on your calorie intake? With that, it’s advisable to to say no to the creamy, tasty, yet fattening dressing and have some vinaigrette instead. Also, no matter how tempting it may be, try your best to limit the cheese and meat.

Stay Away from Meal Deals

If you’ll only have a closer look, it’s quite obvious that the menus are usually geared toward the all-inclusive meal deals, or value meals. This typically includes a drink, fries, and sandwich of your choice as much as possible, avoid this kind of menu. Instead, order a fish or chicken sandwich; salads or fruit cups; and milk, iced tea or water.

Stay Away from Deep-Fried Foods

Recently, the media has exposed how deep-fried foods served in restaurants are very unhealthy. Then tend to cook our favorite dishes using unhealthy trans fats. Thus, because of this revelation, they switched to healthier cooking oil alternatives, but these foods are still packed with a generous amount of calories, adding an extra inch or two in your waist line. If you love fast food, but doesn’t want those extra pounds, you could always order whole baked potatoes or carrot sticks, instead of fries and hash browns.

Healthy Dessert Options

As much as possible, order fruits for dessert rather that cookies, pies, or ice cream. If you’re craving for ice cream, you could always opt for yogurt. It’s healthier and it contains active live cultures that could improve digestion.

Avoid Sodas and Shakes

If you’re not aware, a large (32 oz.) soda would set you back a little over 315 calories with 25 milligrams of sodium, and 90 grams of carbohydrates from its sugar contents. That’s more calories that a regular McDonald’s cheeseburger. So, instead of having a large tumbler of soda, it’s healthier to order juice, milk, iced tea or water. However, if you’re craving for something sweeter and chilled, then have a smoothie or slushy instead. Though, make sure that it contains real fruits, not artificial sweeteners or sugar.

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