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SK” Khoza Caught in Fight between his fiancee Morna Phatudi & his Baby Mama Lee-Anne

The QUEEN actress Sthembiso “SK” Khoza is believed to be caught within a fight between his fiancée Morna Phatudi as well as his baby Mama Lee-Anne Makopo. There are rumors that SK’s fiancée Morna is at war with Lee-Anne regarding papgeld and that the actor has not been able to pay.

SK is Shaka in Shaka’s role in Mzansi Magic telenovela. In case the drama not enough for the two women the squabble over words was allegedly escalated to social media, in which both women put up their dirty clothes for all to view.

People familiar with the matter say Lee-Anne was given excuses from SK regarding papgeld for their son, who is two years old. “Sthembiso is threatening LeeAnne that that he was not paid in deadline by Ferguson Films company. “SK has been refusing to answer Lee-Anne’s messages and has made various excuses. Morna was also involved in the form of a statement saying Lee-Anne must not be soliciting SK in exchange for cash,” the source said.

Another insider in the showbiz industry said that following an exchange of snarky words with Morna Lee-Anne had been contemplating the possibility of taking SK to court to enforce her maintenance.

In Response

In response to a request for response, SK denied claims that Lee-Anne and he were in a fight over the issue of papgeld. “There’s no truth in all of that,” he declared. “I don’t know where are you getting that information. For me, Morna and Lee-Anne are not speaking the same language.”

On her own Lee-Anne has stated: “Sthe and I have an infant son together. Sthembiso will be there for Sthembiso in the same way he has been since the moment when he was first born.” However, the source added: “If you know Lee-Anne you’ll know that she could have Sthembiso in court.

“She is looking to end her communication with him and show Morna she’s satisfied and content with Siyabonga Zulu, the Platinum Stars defense. She’s changed her mind. And Sthembiso’s broke.”

If asked to comment, Morna sent the People’s Paper an ominously written personal email, denying the allegations.

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