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Signs You’re Ready to Get Married

If you’ve been dating someone for a significant amount of time, then you may be wondering if it’s ready to take a trip down the aisle. However, the length of time doesn’t always mean you’re ready to get married. There are other significant indicators that it’s time, so use these signs to determine if you should be thinking seriously about marriage in the near future.

You Live Together

One of the biggest obstacles that couples face in a marriage is sharing a space. If you live together and haven’t killed each other yet, chances are, you’ve passed that major hurdle. However, studies have shown that couples who live together are less likely to get married than those who don’t. So, although it may feel like co-habitating is a marriage, it won’t be until you actually both are.

You Share Bank Accounts

Sharing financial assets is significant and probably means that you are close to marriage or should be considering marriage in the near future. One of the biggest reasons why couples split up is due to financial concerns. If you are already sharing your finances together, you’re probably on the same page with your spending and saving plans. So, now that you’ve passed this major hurdle, you can think seriously about marriage with that person.

You Have Children

This sign is a more obvious one, although it may not be for some people. Having a child with someone doesn’t even mean that you’re in a relationship with them. However, many couples who are dating or living together and have children, haven’t gotten married. Having children is probably the most stressful experience in the world, so if you both can face the rigors of that, chances are, you’ll be able to navigate a marriage as well. Also, children do benefit from being in stable homes, so if you’re both serious about your long-term relationship, you may want to give marriage a thought.

You Ask For/Share Opinions

This is a sign that may be less noticeable than the others but is no less significant. People who are in the habit of asking each other for their opinions and advice in a relationship are demonstrating that they’re compatible already. You probably have friends who you’ve noticed do this on a regular basis, but what if that’s you as well? Think about who you go to for advice when you need help solving a problem. Also, when you want someone to listen to you after a bad day, think about if that’s your relationship partner. While it may not be him every time, if you both share significant parts of your life, you may be ready to commit to each other long-term.

These are some of the most common signs that you’re ready for a marriage, but this list is certainly not inclusive. You may have found other signs personal to you that indicate you’re both ready to face a larger commitment. However, if you’re wondering if your relationship is ready for more, you can look through this list to help decide where it’s actually going.

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