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Seven of This Year’s Fashion Trends and How to Style Them

2022 has been quite the year for fashion, and we haven’t even seen all of the gorgeous fall and winter trends yet. Retro seventies and eighties-inspired clothing has been making a comeback. Sheer skirts, biker jackets, and satin dresses in floral patterns are all on the rise. Even corsets, which reached their peak in the 1830s, are becoming popular again, and everyone is loving the uniquely flattering fit. In addition to those retro florals, the “clean girl” aesthetic has also captured the attention of many fashion-lovers. The clean girl aesthetic is on the opposite side of the spectrum from some of those retro-inspired pieces and involves minimalist clothing without any loud patterns or colors. 

wear a fashion 2022

There’s no right or wrong way to wear a fashion item. Fashion is all about experimenting with different pieces until you find what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Luckily, it’s easy to find outfits that fit the clean girl aesthetic since it involves a lot of basic white t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, tank tops, jeans, and blouses or blazers in neutral colors.

If you like the vintage look but aren’t sure how to style it, never fear! You can always choose a one piece outfit to get started—like a satin dress or short corset dress—so you don’t have to worry about matching a top and a bottom. While jeans and tees are more casual, dresses look effortlessly well put-together and wearing one is truly almost effortless. Even styling a corset top or floral blouse with cargo pants isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Read on to find out how to style the best fashion trends of 2022.

1. Mini Skirts

It’s funny to think that clothing lovers are already re-wearing pieces inspired by the early 2000s, but there are certainly some y2k clothing items that deserve all the hype they’re getting. People are loving matching skirt and shirt sets reminiscent of Cher from Clueless. Mini skirts look great as a matching set.

Mini Skirts

You can also dress them up by wearing a solid-colored blouse or blazer on top or dress them down with a graphic tee and some boots or classic white sneakers.

2. Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants clean girl aesthetic

Cargo pants are great because they match with almost anything. Tan cargo pants look great with the clean girl aesthetic, or you can match denim cargo pants with a floral blouse or corset top for a more feminine look.

3. Short Corset Dress

A short corset dress is no longer a Renaissance Fair exclusive. These cottagecore style dresses look gorgeous with lace and flower detailing, but if a plain look is more your style, you can also find more simplistic midi and bodycon style dresses that make your bust look good without the extra frills.

Short Corset Dress

A short corset dress is versatile enough that it looks great with boots, sandals, or a cute pair of heels, depending on the season and the color of your dress. Because of the cut of a short corset dress, an elegant necklace and some earrings would be a great way to draw attention to your features.

4. Biker Jackets

Biker Jackets, worn with graphic tees

For an edgier look, consider investing in a biker jacket. These look great in black or brown, especially if they’re oversized. They can be worn with graphic tees, plain white t-shirts, wide leg jeans, white pants, or even a cute skirt. Of course, don’t forget a good pair of combat boots and some silver jewelry to match.

5. Satin Dresses

Satin Dresses

The dainty and sleek look of a satin midi dress is unmatched. These look gorgeous on their own, but if you want to style them for colder weather, you can wear a long sleeve t-shirt underneath or a cardigan, blazer, or jacket on top. These also look great with an elegant necklace and some other tasteful jewelry. 

6. Sheer Skirts

Sheer skirts are perhaps one of the most difficult 2022 fashion items to style. Because they’re see-through, you will want to wear something underneath, but it’s not always easy to find a top layer and tights or pants to match your skirt. Keep in mind that sheer skirts are a more experimental, maximalist look, and celebrities have been spotted wearing them with lots of layers.

Sheer Skirts

You could wear a sheer skirt over trousers or jeans or with a bodycon dress. You can also dress them down with a more subtle outerwear layer and plain tee or a sweater and tights for cold weather.

7. Oversized Button-Up Shirts

Everyone loves a good oversized sweater or sweatshirt, but oversized button-up shirts are also in Fashion Trends and great for the clean girl aesthetic.

Oversized Button-Up Shirts

These are great for when you need a business casual outfit or just want to feel like a girl boss. They can be worn on their own with jeans or pants or over a graphic tee or crop top for a more casual look.


Every year brings new fashion trends, so your best bet is to take advantage of the retro-inspired looks of 2022 before we move on to the next trend. Of course, if you like an outfit, you can continue to wear it for as long as you want—and it does seem like even more retro outfits will be making a comeback into the foreseeable future.

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