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Seasonal Maintenance Tasks for Your Home

The seasons come and go so quickly that you might find yourself letting some seasonal maintenance tasks around your home slide by. This might not seem like a big deal, but over time, your missing maintenance can add up to trouble and perhaps major repairs. Read on to learn about chores you should be accomplishing at your home each season.


Spring is a time of inspecting and cleaning. As temperatures get warmer, inspect your home for winter damage. Look over your roof. Check your windows and doors. Pay attention to the condition of your driveway and sidewalks. Also, get your outdoor plumbing fixtures ready to go for the season, and while you’re at it, survey the rest of your plumbing system for leaks and cracks. You might also call in a professional to inspect your air conditioning system and perform air conditioning repair Chicagoland as needed.

Don’t neglect spring cleaning either. Give your house a once-over from top to bottom. Wipe down surfaces, and scrub floors. You can rent a steam-cleaning machine for your carpets if they need it. Wash window coverings and slipcovers, and give upholstery a good cleaning. Clean your kitchen and bathrooms, too, and pay attention to areas you wouldn’t normally notice, like door frames, baseboards and the depths of cupboards and closets.


As spring rolls into summer, outdoor maintenance might take top priority around your house. Fix up your porch and/or patio, for instance, and do the same for fences and playground equipment. Summer might also be a good time to get in the habit of testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and changing their batteries. You could look over your fire extinguishers at the same time. Use the warmer weather as an opportunity to wash windows inside and out as well.


The weather may be turning colder as fall approaches, so your fall maintenance tasks should turn toward preparing your house for winter. You should check around doors and windows and caulk or put up weather stripping and further insulation as needed. Hire a chimney sweep to inspect and clean your chimney and vents, and bring in a heating professional to get your heating system into shape. Cover your outdoor air conditioning unit, and remove and store window units. Make sure outdoor plumbing is drained and ready for winter. Clean up the leaves in your yard, too, and prepare your plants and gardens for cooler temperatures.


Finally, when winter descends upon you, you might take some time to do chores you may have put aside during the busier seasons. Clean your kitchen appliances, for instance, and give your water heater some attention to make sure that it’s working efficiently. Pay attention to your electrical system, especially as you’re putting up holiday decorations, and call in a professional if you notice anything strange. You might also set aside a few winter afternoons to declutter your home. Go through your closets and other storage areas, and decide which items you need and will use and which you can sell or donate. Neatly organize the items you plan to keep.

Summing Up

Home maintenance tasks never really end, but if you keep up with them every season, they might not feel quite so overwhelming.

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