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Who Is Sagarika Sona? – Reality Of Model Sagarika Shona Suman

Sagarika Shona also popular as Sagarika Sona Shuman is an Indian model and actor. She is originally from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She has also worked on web series in addition to acting. The actress, model, and member of the Hindi television business has a sizable fan base. She is a prominent model as well as an essential social media user. A web series proposition is made to her by the Raj Kundra Company. Furthermore, the web series demands she undergo a live audition without wearing any clothes, and Sagarika turned down the role.

Sagarika Shona Suman Bio/Wiki:

Sona Sagarika is 36 years old Indian actress, model, and social media influencer from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Her full name is Sagarika Shona Suman. She is a model and actor in the television industry. She has also worked on web series in addition to acting. The actress, model, and member of the Hindi television business has a sizable fan base. Raj Kundra suspected her of demanding naked auditions recently. His assertion has created quite a star. Sagarika claimed she received threatening phone calls following her speech against Raj Kundra. In August 2020, she received an offer from Raj Kundra Productions. She refused to participate in the online series. Sagarika recently created a video in which she urges that Raj Kundra be arrested. Sagarika recently made a video in which she urges that Raj Kundra be detained. 

Let us tell you about a viral video in February of this year. Sagarika claims that she was approached to audition for the web series via video call. Where three individuals had ordered that he perform naked(she was indrectly asked to send nudes), Raj Kundra was one of them. Sagarika also claimed in the video, “I am a model and have been working in the profession for 3-4 years.” I haven’t done much work. I want to tell you about some events during the lockdown. Umesh Kamat Ji called me in August 2020 and offered me a role in Raj Kundra’s online series. That’s when I discovered he was Shilpa Shetty’s spouse. In the video, Sagarika also claimed that ‘I am a model and have been working in the industry for 3-4 years. I haven’t worked much. Some things happened during the lockdown that I want to share.

Sagarika Shona Suman

In August 2020, I got a call from Umesh Kamat Ji, who offered me to work in Raj Kundra’s web series. That’s when I learned he is Shilpa Shetty’s husband. Sagarika asked me if I worked in it and if I would continue to obtain work. So I agreed to this job. Then I inquired how I could conduct auditions during Covid’s time. So he said the audition would be done through video call. That’s when he asked for a naked audition from me. I was stunned to learn of his death. The video call included three people. Raj Kundra was one among those who had disguised his face. If he participates in such activities, I believe he should be arrested and the racket exposed.

Why did she Fire the case against Raj Kundra?

Sagarika reported in February that Raj Kundra had asked her to participate in a nude audition for the web series. After talking against Raj Kundra, Sagarika insisted that she had been receiving threatening calls. She claims he receives rape threats and death threats through WhatsApp and Messenger. Since then, Raj Kundra has been arrested.

Sagarika Sona Suman is the full name of Sagarika Sona:

Real NameSagarika Shona Suman
Nick NameShona
Popular NameSagarika Shona Suman
Date of Birth/AgeN/A/36 Years (as of 2022)
Birth PlaceMaharashtra, Mumbai
Marital StatusSingle
Food HabitNon-Vegetarian

Sagarika Sona Early Life:

Sagarika Sona Early Life

She has three to four years of experience working in the television sector. She is an actress and model who works in the television industry. She’s done Web series work in addition to acting. The Hindi television industry’s actresses, models, and members have a sizable fan base. Sagarika Shona Suman has been hired by Emperor Media and Entertainment Pvt Ltd to serve as a director. And Tournage Pictures And Advertisements Private Limited was the company she most recently directed.

Sagarika Shona’s Physical Appearance:

Indian-born Shona Suman Sagarika has black hair and eyes and is of ethnicity. She is 50 kilograms in weight and 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Height5 feet 5 Inch
Weight50 Kilogram
Eye ColorBlack

Sagarika Sona Education:

She completed her schooling at a local school and then went to college there. Sagarika enrolled in college to fulfill her graduation requirements. Other information about her diploma and qualifications is unknown.

Sagarika Sona On Social Media:

Facebook Account
FollowersNot Known
Twitter Account

Interesting Facts about Sagarika Sona:

  • Model and Actress Sagarika is a television actress and model from India.
  • After completing her education at a local school.
  • Sagarika enrolled in a college to obtain her college degree.
  • Web series was also part of her job duties.
  • The industry has been her profession for three to four years.

FAQs about Sagarika Sona:

Who Is Sagarika Sona?

Sagarika Sona is known as both a model and a social media influencer. She works in the TV industry as a model and an actress. Besides acting, she has also worked on Web series.

What Is The Age Of Sogarika Sona?

Sagarika Sona was born in 1987, by year 2023 her age is 36 years old.

What Is The Full Name Of Sagarika?

Sagarika Sona Shuman.

What Is The Height Of Sogarika Sona?

Her height is 5’5 Feet.

What Is The Martial Status Of Sagarika Sona?

She is single/unmarried, according to her social media handles.

Does Sagarika Sona Smoke?

Yes. Sagarika Sona is Smoker.

Does Sagarika Sona Drink Alcohol?

Yes. Sagarika Sona is a Drinker.

Where Was Sagarika Born?

She was born in Maharashtra, Mumbai.

What Is The Net Worth Of Sagarika Sona?

The net worth of Sagarika is expected by above 1M.


This is all about Sogarika Sona, who has worked as a tv actress and model. She protests against The Raj Kundra Company. The actress, model, and member of the Hindi television industry have gained a large following. Raj Kundra recently accused her of soliciting nude auditions. His claim has caused quite a stir. The day after her discourse against Raj Kundra, Sagarika claimed she had received threatening calls.

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