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RepSnkrs Review – Read This Before You Buy

After publishing review about Mangomee Sneakers, i received multiple emails and messages from individuals to write a review about RepSnkrs; well today I am finally here for a review of the RepSnkrs.

People mainly demand reviews from trustworthy sources to avoid scams, and it is not the first time people are demanding reviews from Repsnkers. Also, they need some authentic reviews to place an order in these kinds of online stores.

If anyone wants to avoid scams or wants a reliable review to know information about online shopping, I have listed some basic information about RepSnkrs and other details below.

My Review About RepSnkrs:

I can’t found any background about the RepSnkrs store, no any social media presence, store location, VAT number. There is no any contact address available on the site, there is just one email address, which doesn’t pass any signal for being trustworthy.

After multiple complains they have added a Whatsapp number and chat button also, if you try to contact at the given number, you will not be able to place any call this number can’t be tracked.

RepSnkrs Whatsapp, contact

This business has changed the domain names multiple times like in 2021 it was live and selling products from following website:, then, and now live as

About Rep Snkrs – What They Claim?

RepSnkers is an online market established in 2004 and got so much popularity due to different factors and is one of the substantial online revenue-generating sites.

RepSnkrs is an online retailer specializing in replica sneakers. Based in China, the company offers a wide range of replica sneakers designed to look and feel like the original products from popular brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Yeezy.

RepSnkrs’ website features many replica sneakers for both men and women, with styles ranging from classic designs to limited edition releases. The website provides detailed descriptions and photos of each product and information about sizing and shipping options.

The company is known for its high-quality replica sneakers, crafted using top-quality materials and designed to resemble the original products closely. However, it’s important to note that RepSnkrs’ products are not authorized by the original brands and are considered counterfeit.

RepSnkrs operates in a legal gray area, as the production and sale of replica sneakers are considered illegal in many countries, including the United States. Customers who purchase replica sneakers from RepSnkrs should know the legal risks and potential consequences, such as customs seizures or legal action by the original brands.

It’s just pseudo information that is promoted, not legit, well here is a proof. If you see these screenshots below:

at first their copyright was: © 2015-2022, and now Copyright is © 2010-2023, Rep Snkrs | Rep Sneakers, this site seems to be confused in itself.

How To Buy a Product from Rep Snkrs?

Here are some steps to follow to continue your buying process.

  • Select the product you want to buy and then click to add to cart.
  • Look at the cart; add more products to buy more.
  • Now it’s time to check out and look for the cart symbol at the upper right corner of the page.
  • Choose your shipping method and payment system.
  • Give your details like the address where the shipment can be delivered.
  • Add your voucher code below; if you have otherwise, leave it blank.
  • You can add a note to the dealer about your product.
  • Finish your payment procedure.
  • Send payment details to the seller.

Order details

  • When the seller verifies your payment, you will get a notification;
  • After getting a notification, your order will be in process.
  • According to your order volume, it takes time, usually 3-5 business days, after quality control and handling are delivered.
  • Delivery time may vary due to the shipping method you have selected.
  • Your product will be delivered directly from China, which usually takes 5-8 days.
  • You will be allowed a tracker number to track your shipment.

Payment methods 

  1. Credit Card

RepSnkrs accept payment via credit.

 There are various payment options like credit or debit through visa and MasterCard.

  1. Bitcoin

RepSnkers also provides the facility to pay in Bitcoin or other digital currencies; you must choose Bitcoin during payment.

There is another plus point if you have Coinbase, then pay directly on the website.

If you have difficulty paying, you can pay to RepSnkrs wallet directly.

  1. Bank Transfer

There are also various options for bank transfers, in which currency you want to pay, like USD, EUR, and GBP.

You will receive account details and choose your profitable currency while paying.


  • Even though some things take longer owing to any inconvenience, all products from RepSnkrs are processed and sent within five business days through EMS (10–20 days) or DHL Express (5–10 days).
  • To make it simple to reach you or prevent any misunderstandings at the time of delivery, you must supply a valid mobile number or an alternate number.
  • All products are subject to safety measures, yet occasionally customers face negligence.
  • RepSnkrs denies all responsibility for accidents, damage, and theft involving shipments.
  • Before placing an order, you must have a fundamental comprehension of their policies.

Return Policy 

If you are dissatisfied, you may return your goods within 14 days of receiving them to RepSnkrs for a refund, but there are specific guidelines to read.

  • The return policy will only be applicable if you’ve used the item. Hence, kindly maintain the product’s status as received.
  • Contact RepSnkrs if you want to return the item; they will give you the return address and instructions.
  • Return the product to the location RepSnkrs sent you, and include the tracking number.
  • Choose only reputable shipping firms like FedEx, DHL, or EMS. To avoid immigration issues, use the standard registered mail service.
  • You must solely pay for return shipping.
  • Always remember that it is challenging to return items to China, and Chinese customs may refuse your return and send the item back to you.
  • You must wait a long time and ship twice in this situation.

What If You Want To Order, What’s The Best Way?

Well if you are really willing to order the pair of sneakers from Rep Snkrs, I suggest you to make the payment only via Paypal, as Paypal refund policy aka PayPal Purchase Protection for Buyers allows you to get the payment back if order is not delivered.

How Can I Proceed With Returns & Cancellation

If we look into the Returns policy page, we will not be able to find any return address or contact info, no any order cancellation details are found.

How To Get Refund From RepSnkrs

If you haven’t received your order yet, well a bad news, you are scammed. Now you can just keep on sending them emails. Although it also depends via what payment method did you make the payment. If you made the transaction via Bitcoin (so you have lost the money, that’s why they give 21% discount), moreover if you have placed the order via bank transfer or card, the only option is to request your bank to provide you assistance with this. And if you paid via Paypal (you are lucky), you can get the refund as You can get the refund only if you placed order via Paypal, you have to open a dispute in Paypal from your Paypal account dashboard and report it resolution center of Paypal (only eligible if you have made the business transaction not friends and family).

My Final Verdict About RepSnkrs:

I recommend avoiding shopping from this platform for the reasons we mention here. RepSnkrs seems to be the affordable and cheap seller of the sneakers in the market but not trustworthy. There are many signal that make it fishy to consider it as a trusted website to order from customers cautious about it, such as no any Social or Physical presence, none of the methods to contact except email adress.

RepSnkrs is selling their products at that low rate makes any company vulnerable to various defaulting or losing stages, although RepSnkrs is selling at that price and even serving for a long time.

Mainly people know about RepSnkrs via different ads from Youtube, Google, and another platform; however, there is no mechanism for these platforms to filter fake and real ads, so there is a high possibility of negligence or scam.

They need to provide information about whom you are buying your product from, so a shop without an owner is no place to buy things or is unreliable. There are millions of examples of scams through digital shopping platforms, increasing the chances of fraud when you are unaware of the owner.

There are other rumors about RepSnkrs: their low price is a trap for low or middle-income people and a way to attract customers. Also, they add other sales and give limited-time offers as the customer only gets a little time to realize the real scame behind the whole game.


Is Rep Snkrs Legit?

No, RepSnkrs website doesn’t seems to be legit as they have changed their website third time first, second and now

How can I contact RepSnkrs?

You can email them at and Whatsapp at +44 7832 505734 apart from this there is no any way to contact the RepSnkrs

You can read reviews from people at Reddit also.

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I can't found any background about the RepSnkrs store, no any social media presence, store location, VAT number. There is no any contact address available on the site, there is just one email address, which doesn't pass any signal for being trustworthy.RepSnkrs Review - Read This Before You Buy