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Relaxation Techniques – 9 Of The Best Ways To Calm Your Mind

Relaxing can be tough in the modern world; we’re constantly exposed to stimuli that can make switching off our minds difficult. With the continued popularity of working from home has come an even greater challenge when trying to switch off from work. It’s vital to find ways to help manage the pressures and stresses of the modern era, and in many ways, technology can be a massive help, even if, at times, technology can also be a stressor in itself. 

It is vital to strike a good balance when using technology – too much time spent online can be detrimental to our mental health. Connecting with the physical here and now is crucial, but there are still ways that technology can aid relaxation when used in moderation. With every technological advance comes innovation that allows the tech to be used for relaxation purposes. 

Use A White Noise Machine 

One of the biggest challenges for many people when it comes to relaxation is getting relaxed enough to fall asleep. Many people experience the frustration of turning things over in their heads when they should be slumbering peacefully or being awoken by sounds outside. Often, silence can be detrimental to getting a good night’s sleep; many people wear by ambient noise to help them nod off. A white noise machine can create an atmosphere of relaxing, non-stimulating noise in your sleep environment that can be invaluable for helping you drift off to sleep. It can also help make noises like cars, sirens, and neighbors less noticeable in the night. 

Install A Meditation App 

Meditation can be a valuable tool for anyone who struggles to switch off their mind. Meditation involves breathing exercises and mental exercises to help clear your mind of unwanted or intrusive thoughts. Like any skill, it can take some time to become good at meditation, and perseverance is vital to get the most out of the practice. A meditation app can be an invaluable investment, providing you with all the tools you need to learn how to calm your mind and reduce your stress. 

Try Out A Pillow Speaker 

Another challenge many couples face when getting to sleep is creating the right environment for each person to get a quality night’s sleep. If both people like to sleep in silence, that’s great – the issue comes if one person needs to listen to ambient noise or other sounds as they sleep while the other person needs silence. Many couples find it tricky to know what to do in these situations, which is where pillow speakers can come in handy. A pillow speaker is designed to go unobtrusively under or inside the pillowcase of your pillow. Anything played on the speaker will only be heard by the person sleeping on it – ensuring that everyone gets the sleep environment they need to nod off quickly and easily. 

Take Your Mind Off Stress With Gaming 

Video games can be better for relieving stress than you might think – provided they are played in moderation. In fact, video games have been shown to have a wide range of benefits for our mental health, including aiding in stress relief. It should be noted, however, that playing too much, particularly of games that can induce the fight or flight response, can actually increase stress levels. The trick is to play for short periods, spread out across time. 

Learn Something New 

Learning a new skill or overcoming a challenge can be an excellent way to take your mind off your worries; it also has the dual benefit of giving you a sense of satisfaction in your accomplishment. Technology and the internet allow us to access a huge breadth of information and learning materials right at our fingertips. You could try anything from learning a new language to trying your hand at a game of poker at an online casino. There are even resources that can help you learn how to play online using cryptocurrency. Punt Casino has excellent resources to help, starting with your guide to playing with crypto

Invest In A Relaxation Lamp 

Relaxation lamps can be incredibly beneficial for easing stress after a long day. These lamps come in a wide range of styles, colors and shapes and can help create an environment that promotes relaxation. The brightness on relaxation lamps is entirely controllable, allowing you to enjoy the level of lighting that helps you relax best. Relaxation lamps can be ideal for the bedroom, particularly if you find it tough to get to sleep, providing a warm and welcoming environment that encourages deep and restful sleep. 

Engage Your Brain With Puzzle Apps 

Puzzles are an age-old relaxation technique, and thanks to technology, you don’t need a physical puzzle in front of you to enjoy the benefits. There are countless puzzle apps available that will help engage your mind and keep you from dwelling on stresses or anxiety. These range from brain-teasing puzzles like crosswords and Sudoku to calming coloring apps for adults. You might need to try out a few different puzzle apps until you find the ones that you enjoy the most, and that help you keep your mind calm and centered. 

Take A Break From The Online World 

It can be easy to become too wrapped up in the online world, forgetting to enjoy your time in the physical. Things like social media can become addictive, and many people struggle to know the best ways to switch off and avoid the temptation to keep scrolling. Social media has been shown to have a range of negative implications for our mental health, so knowing how and when to disengage is vital. There are apps available that can be helpful tools if you want to reduce your time spent online and on social media. These apps can block your access to preset apps during a specific time frame – as short as a few minutes or as long as a few weeks. A social media blocker app can be an excellent way to have a social media detox and remind yourself to stay present in the physical world. 

Stream A Feel-Good Movie Or TV Show 

Thanks to streaming platforms, we now have countless films and TV shows at our fingertips at any given time. Relaxing in front of the TV is a time-honored tradition in many homes, but the things we watch can often have a major impact on our stress levels. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on your favorite police procedural or true crime documentaries, but if you’re feeling stressed, consider something feel-good instead. A comedy or lighthearted drama could be the perfect option if you’re feeling anxious – leave the heavier stuff for when you’re feeling calmer. 

Final Thoughts 

Disconnecting from the online world is vital at times; it can be unhealthy to spend too much time scrolling or checking social media. That doesn’t mean that technology is inherently harmful, just that, like junk food and candy, it has to be enjoyed in moderation. Technology has made incredible leaps in the ways it can help relaxation, and these leaps can provide incredible benefits for users. When trying to improve relaxation, it is vital to try out a wide range of techniques and tech tools until you find the match that suits you best.

Infographic provided by MD Infusions, a Chicago ketamine clinic

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