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Whose famous last words were, “I have a terrific headache”?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the longest-serving President in American history, died on this day in 1945. “I have a terrific headache.” were the final words of former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt(32nd U.S. President).

Death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

At the age of 63 years Franklin Delano Roosevelt died because of a brain hemorrhage. FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) presided over the Great Depression and the majority of World War II, and the strain had taken its toll on his health. Vice President Harry S. Truman was summoned to the White House and sworn in as President within hours of Roosevelt’s death.

He served as an authorized President. Franklin D. Roosevelt became President of the United States on the Democratic ticket after serving as Governor of New York State from 1929 to 1933.

Famous Last Words of Franklin D. Roosevelt “I have a terrific headache”.

In today’s series of “Famous Last Words,” we look at the final words of one of the most famous Presidents of the United States of America. I’m sure most people are wondering whom I’m referring to, so let’s get right to it. President Franklin D. Roosevelt is the individual in question.

The 32nd President of the United States of America was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. On January 30, 1882, Mr. Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park, New York City.

He was the President who led the United States through the “Great Depression.” Franklin Roosevelt and his beautiful wife Eleanor Roosevelt had six children.

On April 12, 1945, on his deathbed in Warm Springs, Georgia, former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke what became known as his famous final words. He said. “I have a terrible headache

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