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Pregnant? Guide to Motherhood and Successful Parenting

Becoming a parent can be a bit of a scary thought. You will have a little life to shape and mold into a decent human being. This may be the prospect that scares pregnant women the most. Now it is no longer just them. They will permanently have a plus one because the truth is you never really stop being a mother. But motherhood isn’t as bad as all that. Think of all the times your mom got to read you to sleep or tuck you in, when she would cook you a hot meal and kiss your ouchies‘ all these lasting memories are because she was willing to be there for you and now, whether or not that was your reality, you get to be that for someone else.

Parenting requires some dedication, it should be noted and a lot more than just the bare minimum of the basic needs. Here are some tips you could follow for raising a happy and good health child:

Basic Needs

Of course you can’t ignore the fact that your child needs food, shelter and clothing. Eventually, they will need education as well. Planning for the times ahead should be a priority.

Support System

Ideally this should include your spouse but whether you have one or not, your friends and family should be a part of it as well. When you need someone to talk to, hit them up and have a nice long chat about everything and nothing. Get the support you need for the rough patches and someone to sometimes babysit when you can’t. This will take a lot of pressure off.


Since it is no longer just you or just you and your spouse, you need to shift your priorities to make more time for the little one. Your job may be important but if you miss out on these important moments in baby’s life, you may regret it later.

Down Time

This may seem a bit selfish, but believe it or not, it’s very necessary. You need some time to switch off and relax. If this means getting someone you trust to babysit or relaxing after putting the little one(s) to bed, take some time off to just be you.


Sometimes you may feel that you don’t do enough for your kid. You may start to think that you could be doing a lot more and feel horribly guilty that you are a bad parent. Or it may be that you are feeling guilty on behalf of the missing spouse. Your support system can help you here. You need to stop the guilt trip and come back home.


There are milestones reached in every child’s life. The first word, the first step, the first time to use a potty, the first day of school and more often than not, you will have to be your own cheerleader. Affirm yourself and your child for these milestones that you have reached together. Children grow best in positive environments.

Role Models

If you have a little man with no dad, find good role models in the men around you that he can learn from. This goes for you as well. If your own mother was a good role model for you, ask her for advice. Role models are a very important part of you and your child’s lives.

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