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Practical Tips To Cope With Unfair Job Loss – Philadelphia

Job loss is an understandably devastating experience; jobs are our financial lifelines. Not only will you need to hurry to find another job soon enough, but you’ll also need to figure out how to get by in the meantime. Even so, job loss is a lot more devastating when employment termination is unlawful. 

So, we’ve rounded up some helpful and practical advice to help you get through the stressful time. 

Let Yourself Grieve

Job loss can be traumatizing, even more so because we rely on our incomes to survive. So, once you have cleared out your workspace, it’s important to give yourself some time to process the experience. Irrespective of why or how you were fired, it’s important to grieve and feel the associated emotions for a few days before taking the next step. 

During your few days of grieving, you’ll want to spend time relaxing, investing in self-care practices, and even meditating to help you overcome the initial impact on your mental well-being. 

Read Your Contract

If you were fired from your job in a way that breaches your employment contract or any of the included clauses, you could consult an employment lawyer to file a wrongful termination claim. HKM in Philadelphia offers legal guidance for employees who wish to seek compensation for all instances of wrongful termination.

Other than contractual or labor law breaches, you can also claim wrongful termination if termination is a form of retaliation, sexual harassment, or even discrimination.

Devote Time Towards The Job Hunt

It’s easy to procrastinate in job hunting. But it’s important not to put this off for too long. Devote a few hours each day to searching and applying for available positions. You can use job-hunting resources like Linkedin, Indeed, and others. These platforms are free to use and will help you find relevant vacancies in your area. In addition to investing time, you should also refresh your resume and cover letter.

Job loss is quite a distressing experience, even more so if you have been fired unfairly. While an expert employment lawyer can help you file a lawsuit, it’s still important to give yourself some time to grieve. Once you are ready to kickstart your career again, it’s worthwhile to refresh your resume and cover letter before starting your daily online job hunt. 

Rejuvenate Your Career

As soon as you feel ready to jump back into your career goals, it’s a great idea to take stock of your skills, abilities, accomplishments, qualifications, and experience. While you’re tallying up your value as a professional, start thinking about what your ideal job might be. 

It’s also worthwhile to consider consulting a career counselor. These professionals can help you explore your interests better. For example, if you enjoy helping others, great career ideas for this interest include social work, counseling, teaching, nursing, and others. Additionally, career counselors can also help you to clarify career objectives, extend your employment horizons, and provide guidance strategies to achieve your goals. 

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