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Pendant Light and Wall Sconce Ideas for Your Modern Earthy Kitchen

Modern homeowners look for a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, and one particular style that has gained immense popularity is the “earthy kitchen.” Earthy kitchens are all about creating a warm, inviting atmosphere while incorporating natural elements. To achieve this, your choice of lighting plays a pivotal role. 

Pendant lights and wall sconces can transform your kitchen to a whole new level of aesthetic. Here are some ideas for incorporating these lighting fixtures to create a modern earthy kitchen.

Pendant Lights

For a kitchen that breathes earthiness, focus on pendant lights that have earthy color palettes. Earthy tones such as warm browns, soft greens, and gentle beiges can create a harmonious blend with your kitchen’s color scheme. These hues not only add a touch of nature but also create a calming environment.Take a look at some pendant lighting designs below:

Bamboo Globe Pendants 

These pendants offer a natural, earthy feel to your kitchen. Bamboo is sustainable and adds warmth to the space.

Concrete Dome Pendants

(photo source:

These minimalist pendants with concrete shades bring an industrial touch to your kitchen while maintaining a modern, earthy vibe. 

Take this Zest Lighting’s kitchen pendant light made from concrete as an example. Crafted by local Australian designer Paul Mulhearn, with a focus on simple lines and raw materials. It can fit in any interior effortlessly, mainly with industrial and contemporary styles. A truly beautiful light that adds warmth and texture.

Wooden Teardrop Pendants

Wooden pendant lights in teardrop or organic shapes can create a rustic and earthy ambiance in your kitchen.

Glass Jar Pendants

Mason jar-style pendant lights provide a farmhouse charm while also offering a modern twist.

Textured Metal Pendants

Choose pendant lights with textured metal finishes like aged brass or copper to add a touch of sophistication to your earthy kitchen.

Wall Sconces

(earthy kitchen + natural wood + marble inspo via Instagram @naomiewertinteriors)

Accent Lighting

Wall sconces are excellent for accent lighting in your earthy kitchen. They can be strategically placed to highlight key design elements, such as open shelves, artwork, or architectural details. This not only adds a layer of elegance but also enhances the visual appeal of your kitchen. Some popular designs for wall sconces that give an earthy vibe are listed below:

Ceramic Wall Sconces

Handcrafted ceramic wall sconces can add an artisanal, earthy touch to your kitchen’s walls.

Woven Rattan Sconces

Rattan or wicker sconces provide a natural and textured look that complements an earthy kitchen.

Reclaimed Wood Sconces

Install wall sconces made from reclaimed or repurposed wood for a rustic, eco-friendly appeal.

Antique Brass Sconces

(an example of brass wall sconce with nature design)
(an example of brass wall sconce with nature design)

Wall sconces and wall lights are commonly made from materials like metal, brass, and glass. Adding vintage-inspired brass wall sconces to your kitchen creates an elegant look and still allows you to connect to nature. Just like Solid Brass Gingko Leaf Decorative Wall Light shown in the photo. Zest Lighting offers a range of brass wall lights with different finishes to choose from. You have options like antique brass, polished brass, satin brass, or aged brass to find the perfect match to your natural wood and earthy-themed kitchen.

Stone Accent Sconces

Sconces with stone or rock accents bring an organic and earthy element to your kitchen walls.

Achieving Perfect Balance

A modern earthy kitchen is all about balance. When selecting pendant lights and wall sconces, consider the layout of your kitchen, the color scheme, and the desired atmosphere. Ensure that your lighting choices harmonize with the natural textures, colors, and materials used in your kitchen design.

Don’t forget that pendant lights and wall sconces are not just functional; they are also statement pieces that can express your personal style. Your choice of lighting can transform your kitchen from a mere cooking space into a warm, inviting haven for family and friends.

Remember, the devil is in the details, and it’s the small design elements that make a significant difference in achieving a modern earthy kitchen. Pendant lights and wall sconces are your secret weapons to create a space that is not only trendy but also timelessly inviting.

So, the next time you step into your earthy kitchen, take a moment to appreciate the magic of well-chosen lighting fixtures. They are the unsung heroes of your culinary adventures and memorable gatherings.

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