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Parikshit Bawa – Husband Of Niti Taylor

Have you ever thought a simple army officer is in the spotlight and what is the reason behind it? Well because he the Parikshit Bawa an army officer’s is Husband of famous model Niti Taylor.

Other than this, there are many questions about the Parikshit Bawa an army officer’s life, and here in this content we have covered it all up for you, complete information about him.

We are talking about Parikshit Bawa and why he is in the limelight and much more stay connected with us.

Parikhsit Bawa belongs to an army family. His father remained in a single city. His father’s profession greatly impacted Parikhsit Bawa; he would not continue single school, friends, neighbors, or even a new town to adjust.

Biography of Parikshit Bawa

Parikshit Bawa is a famous army officer; he was born in an army family on 22 march 1993 in Gurgaon, Haryana India. Parikshit Bawa is an Indian army officer and has been serving his nation even though his father also served as an army officer for an extended period.

Parikshit Bawa is in the spotlight due to her marriage to an Indian actress, and they both know each other since schooling. We will talk in detail about her later in this article.

The age of Parikhsit Bawa is 29 years, and according to his date of birth, Parikshit Bawa’s zodiac sign is Aries.

1Full Name Lieutenant Parikhit Bawa 
2Nick Name Parikhsit 
3Date Of Birth 22 March 1993 
4Age 29 years 
5Birthplace Gurgaon, Haryana
6Nationality Indian 
7Zodiac sign Aries 
8School Mount St. Mary’s School, Delhi Cantt.
9Educational Qualification Graduate in Business Economics (Hons.)
10University Delhi University
11Religion Hinduism 
12Marital Status Married 

Education of Parikshit Bawa

As we mentioned, Parikhsit Bawa’s army background and father have been posted in different cities in India, so he did not remain in a single school.

 Here is a prominent school, Mount St. Mary’s School; he completed his fundamental education and later went to the University of Delhi for higher studies and was enrolled in business economics.

There is interesting that he got an internship in AIRCEL as an Enterprise Risk Managing member in the second year of his Business economics degree.

After the Pariksht internship program in AIRCEL, he joined Youth Parliament Foundation. Still, you might be astonished to hear that he was unsatisfied with his performance after so much response and appreciation.

He made up his mind to appear in the SSB exam and worked hard to clear the exam. After passing the exam, he joined the Indian army.

As a hard worker and a passionate military man, he won the owner’s sword in 2016 for his best performance in the military.

1School Mount St. Mary’s School
2University University of Delhi
3Graduate in Business economics degree
4Internship Programm AIRCEL as an Enterprise Risk Management member
5Joined organization Youth Parliament Foundation

Family Of Parikshit Bawa

Family Of Parikshit Bawa
Family Of Parikshit Bawa

The family background of Prikshit Bawa is from a reputed family, and his father is a retired army Mohit Bawa.

His mother’s name is Aneeta Sood Bawa; she was also a school teacher at Mount St. Mary’s School, where Parikhshit Bawa studied and met his wife at Mount St. Mary’s School for the first time. Parikhahit Bawa’s wife is famous actress Niti Taylor, and we will discuss their love story in detail. He has a sister Natasha Bawa who is married to a well-known businessman.

  • Niti Taylor (Wife)
  • Mohit Bawa (Father)
  • Aneeta Sood Bawa (Mother )
  • Natasha Bawa (Sister)

Parikshit Bawa – Niti Taylor Husband Age

He was born on 22 March 1993 as of year 2023 he is 30 years old.

Relationship of Parikshit Bawa

Relationship of Parikshit Bawa
Relationship of Parikshit Bawa

Parikshit Bawa’s relationship does not remain in the media due to being an army officer, and even he was unknown to many people. Still, Parikshit Bawa recently came into the limelight due to his marriage to famous television actress Niti Taylor.

To know more about their love story, stay connected to us. We will discuss their relationship from the beginning and how it’s going.

The Love Story Of Niti Taylor & Parikshit Bawa

The love story of Niti Taylor and Parikshit Bawa is not new, but yes, it’s in the news currently.

Niti Taylor and Parikshit Bawa met in their school, Mount St. Mary’s School, when both were in 8th standard, and it was Parikshit Bawa who liked Niti Taylor in school.

Here is another exciting thing, Parikshit Bawa’s mother, Aneeta Sood Bawa, was their class teacher. It was exciting for Niti Taylor that the class teacher’s son liked her.

Not only Parikshit Bawa had feelings for Niti Taylor, but she also liked him.

As we mentioned, Parikshit Bawa did not stay at a single place and school due to his father’s posting, they had to move to another city, and they did not meet for a long time.

Boyfriend Of Niti Taylor

After a long time, Parikahit Bawa texted Niti Taylor on Instagram as in the past he began, and Niti Taylor knew her from childhood, and both were good friends then, she replied.

After things continued, like chatting daily and all after some time, their friendship became stronger, and their friendship took a twist and changed into love.

Niti Taylor’s family has known Parikshit Bawa since childhood, and they both love each other, so either family opposes their relationship,

On 13 August 2019, Niti Taylor and Parikshti Baw got engaged. After almost a year, because both were busy, they planned marriage on 13 August 2020, and close friends and family attended their wedding due Covid-19 pandemic.

Niti Taylor returns to her professional life after a long time of marriage. She was recently busy with some new projects, and Parikshit is also performing his duties to serve the nation.

Who Is Girlfriend Of Indian Army Officer – Niti Taylor?

Who Is Girlfriend Of Indian Army Officer - Niti Taylor?
Who is Niti Taylor?

In this article, we are talking about Parikshit Bawa’s life, and his life’s most essential part is her wife, Niti Taylor. She was born on 8 November 1994 and is an Indian actress by profession.

She is famous in MTV India’s KAISE YET YAARIAAN as Nandini Murthy.

Niti Taylor’s roots are in Gurugram, Haryana; her father, Sandip Taylor is Hindu, and her mother, Cheryl Taylor is Christian.

Career of Parikshit Bawa 

In 2014, Parikshit Bawa changed his mind about finding a future in business economics; instead, he started preparing for the SSB exams.

The same year he qualified for Lieutenant in the Indian army, and from here, his career started. After passing the initial phase of the parade, he was sent to Chennai to an officer’s training academy on 12 March 2016.

Parikshit Baw has been a hard-working student since school, and in the training period in the academy, he performed outstandingly and won a sword of honor at OTA. This shows his dedication and the cadet in the academy.

SSB ExamHe Cleared SSB exam in 2014
OTA Training started in 2014 He completed his training with sword of honour
Promotion He also promoted to Lieutenant Rank

Salary of Parikshit Bawa 

Parikshit Bawa is a lieutenant in the Indian army. He joined the military as a commissioned officer, so the salary of Parikshit Bawa is expected to be between INR 100000 to 150000.

We only can expect his salary, and we have no information on other sources of income. Rarely it happens that army officers have secondary sources of revenue.

The Body Measurement Of Parikshit Bawa

Parikshit Bawa, an army officer, never compromises his fitness and diet. Regular basis drill and the parade has increased strength in his personality.

Parikshit Bawa’s height is 6.1 feet, and his weight is 60 kg.

Besides this, his chest and biceps sizes are 44 and 14 inches.

Parikshit Bawa’s hair color is black, and his eyes color is brown.

1Height of Parikshit Bawa6 feet 1 inch
2Weight of Parikshit Bawa 60 Kg
3Chest of Parikshit Bawa 44 inches 
4Biceps of Parikshit Bawa 14 inches 
5The Hair colour of Parikshit Bawa Black 
6The Eye colour of Parikshit Bawa Brown 


We have provided all information related to the husband of Niti Taylor Parikshit Bawa.

Parikshit Bawa is an army officer with a military family background. His father and grandfather served in the Indian army for an extended period.

Niti Taylor and Parikshit Bawa are having a happy wedding, and both have resumed their professional lives.

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