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Optimizing Your Study Space: The Top 5 Tips for Student Productivity

We all know what it feels like when there comes a time to finish an urgent assignment, and nothing seems to feel right. While there are natural bits of stress that come up, quite a lot relates to optimizing your study space. The trick is to ensure that you boost your productivity and provide yourself with a safe and cozy place where you can study and have some fun during the break. Since it can easily become challenging in a college environment, let’s narrow things down to five essential tips that will help you feel better and achieve peace of mind! 

The Top 5 Tips for Student Productivity 

1. Adding More Light! 

One of the most important factors that affect your productivity is the presence of sufficient light in your room. If you prefer to work on school tasks when it’s already late and no daylight is coming through, you should consider smart LED additions to your room. These smart strips can be controlled via the phone. While these won’t do homework for you, I have found them quite helpful when writing my coursework and adjusting the light based on my mood! It often made my study space look like a spaceship, but I didn’t mind much! 

2. Creating a Leisure Zone. 

Remember to leave some space for your hobbies. If you are a fan of Star Wars, leave some space for memorabilia. Even if you have a small Yoda figure standing at the corner of your desk, it can make you smile as you overcome academic challenges. The same is true for hanging your guitar on a safe space on the wall or adding a poster of your favorite band or an artist. It can make your study space look a bit 80s, so you can easily get creative and use card boxes to hold all your pencils and other stuff! 


3. Managing The Cables Mess. 

Make sure that you use special boxes and cable holders underneath your desk. It will help to avoid the mess and keep your study place clean. If you have found some cable, you can simply put it in a relevant box, so you always know where you can find a charger or some connector that you may need for your external webcam! 

4. Use of Small Underdesk Boxes. 

Now, the boxes underneath your desk can help you manage your dirty laundry, all the printed-out study materials that you no longer need, various scans, and more. It is also helpful to manage all these items that vary in size but need a spot where you can store them safely. Such a method helps you to save time and avoid the stress of having things left on the floor. 


5. Mindmaps on the Wall. 

If you want to stay inspired and boost your productivity, consider the practice of mind maps that you can create, edit, and hang on the wall. These may include the most important objectives that you have, along with key deadlines and things that you have to remember. It will help you to boost your cognitive skills. Mind maps can be basically anything, so get creative and let your imagination and inspiration flow freely! 

Bonus: Getting Rid of All These Awful Distractions

One of the worst parts of optimizing your study place is dealing with distractions that may include a noisy room neighbor, a TV that works in the next room, construction works on the floor above, and endless social media alerts. Sometimes you have to take a break and go for a walk by spending at least fifteen minutes on the outside before things start to feel right. It is known as getting your brain optimized! If nothing seems to help, consider a student cafe where you can finish that urgent task in relative silence and munch on something delicious as you treat yourself to a coffee cup! Once you learn that there is a way out from the chaos around you, your own room will start looking different as you come up with new ideas and put them to life! 

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