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Optimize Your Workspace with Progressive Desk

When creating jobs, it is important to keep the health of employees in mind. It does not matter where you work in the office or in your home, it is important to always take into account such moments as the location of the monitor, because it should be at a distance of 60-70 cm from the eyes. Just above it, you need to install a light source, it will help reduce eye strain. All the most frequently used documents and stationery should be in the immediate vicinity of the employee. 

The ability to balance between sitting and standing work through the use of an adjustable standing desk is also considered an important aspect of a healthy and productive environment. The use of these methods of organizing space will make the workplace as ergonomic as possible, that is, providing the greatest work efficiency with minimal human resources. Check out the cutting-edge models of standing desks presented on desk and choose the best variant for yourself. 

In order to make the most efficient use of the available space, a detailed plan of all premises should be drawn up before purchasing equipment for employee positions. It is important to imagine how many people will work in each office or open space and what their functional responsibilities will be. The number of units of office equipment at each workplace should be counted. Only after that, you can proceed to the selection of the necessary equipment.

Ways to effectively organize your workspace

  • Modular systems are structures consisting of several mobile units, the position of which can change depending on the needs of the user. Systems in which tables and shelving are connected will help save space and make necessary documents accessible.
  • Corner office tables, cut corners, and semi-circular cutouts in the tabletops allow you to use the office space ergonomically and make the workplace more comfortable. For example, the Corner Ryzer model constructed by Progressive Desk is the most eligible tech solution for small office rooms. 
  • Narrow models of office furniture (desks, cabinets, shelves), such as Economy Ryzer or Solo Ryzer are designed for small spaces. When placing them along the walls of the room, the free area increases.
  • Workstations are designed to combine several staff positions into one. This allows you to save space without reducing the comfort of using the workplace.
  • Desks with partitions make it possible to create separate workplaces with large congestion of employees in one office.
  • Hanging shelves and racks create additional storage space for documents and stationery.
  • Mobile furniture on wheels helps to use all the useful space of the office, and change the position of the equipment depending on the operational needs of the staff.

What makes Progressive Desk so high-demanded and popular?

One of the key features of this smart furniture unit is its capacity to customize for individual needs. The available adjustable desk frames of diverse colors and forms can easily fit into the selected tabletop. The manufacturer has created a very convenient design so that the customers could control it easily and creatively. You can use their online table builder to construct the model you want. 

Tailor-made desktop design is one more major quality that attracts users as well. The list of design options continues to expand more and more. You can find out three popular material kinds available today: top-quality MDF, particle board, and natural bamboo. So, it is very durable and has an exceptionally pleasant texture. The combination of nice style and perfect functionality is what you really need. 

Being so beautiful-looking, the electric standing desks are tailored to make your working conditions ergonomic and productive. You can choose the most convenient positioning just by pressing the button. It moves smoothly and seamlessly even applying memory positioning to meet your individual needs. 

What is also important, especially if you are not technically savvy, is its simple assembling without additional help. 

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