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Online Games to Play on Your Phone to Pass Time on A Long Journey

Everyone says that travel broadens the mind, but very few mention how boring the long journeys to get there can be. Unlike many years ago, if you’re traveling for any length of time, you now have a device in the palm of your hand that can make the time seem like it’s passing far more quickly. 

Rather than just watching Netflix or doom scrolling through social media, you could play games to entertain yourself. There’s a huge range of games available, so regardless of what your personal tastes happen to be, you should find something to keep you occupied. If this is all new to you, here are some suggestions for the types of games that you may like to try out. 

#1 Management and world-building games

You’ll find a lot of games that put you in charge of a virtual environment, whether that happens to be a farm, town, or an entire country. In this, you’ll be responsible for keeping everything running smoothly and achieving goals set by the developers. These games are typically free to play, but if you want to hasten your progress, you can always buy extra resources and upgrades. 

These can take up many hours as you increase the size of your Township and trade with other players in the game. Alternatively, you might want to expand your kingdom by declaring war on a neighboring one and commandeering all of its resources. 

#2 Online casino games

Chips, banknotes and laptop for poker online or casino gambling. Online poker concept.

If you like a little bit more of an adrenaline rush, then casino games could be more of your thing. Most online gambling Canada casinos, as well as those closer to where you are, will have a range of slots and table games that will cover a wide range of interests. You could play a slot based on one of your favorite TV programs or fantasize about being James Bond by playing roulette, blackjack, or even baccarat against the house.  

The quality of gameplay and graphics available across these games can provide you with an immersive experience, but they’re also quick to play so you can pick them up and put them down as and when you want to. 

#3 Match three games

Almost everybody on the planet will have heard of Candy Crush and all of its various incarnations, but this is just the tip of the iceberg where this type of game is concerned. You’ll also find that many have a plot that runs alongside the matching side of the game, so success in a level can give you points toward completing tasks in this other storyline. For instance, your character may have inherited a derelict house or garden, and successfully clearing a level can refurbish a dining room or allow you to build a new greenhouse. 

To wrap everything up

Long journeys don’t have to be the trial that they used to be, as playing games on your phone can provide welcome relief from having to make conversation with complete strangers. It doesn’t matter whether you want to unleash your inner farmer, high roller, or home renovator; you can find a game that fits the bill and allows you to arrive at your destination relaxed and ready to enjoy the experience.

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