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Ntando Duma and Thando Duma are not Twins

About Ntando Duma

Ntando Duma Born on 29 August 1995 in Soweto. Ntando Duma, a South African actress and television presenter best known for her role as the presenter on’s young programming channel, Craz-e which she has primarily appeared on Craz-e’s World Live.

Ntando also clarified the situation regarding her younger sister Thando whom some call her twin.

She was brought up in Orange Farm in the Gauteng province by her mother and grandmother. Ntando Duma is the youngest of four children. She has three siblings, including her sister Thando Duma. “I lived living in Orange Farm with my grandmother. There wasn’t much to spend and the conditions didn’t really permit everyone to earn money for pocket change or to attend expensive schools.

“We were able, however, to enjoy a normal childhood. Like every other kid on the street , we played games and not be concerned about what was happening inside the house,” her story was reported in The Sunday World in August 2015.

Ntando Duma’s father resigned from her family in the year she turned three years old, and died in the year 2008; according to in the Sunday World August 2015 story she describes the event as the worst moment of her life.

she said.: “The person that you think is my twin, she is my sister. Well I don’t have a twin sister. I know we look alike and we look fresh and stuff, but she’s not my twin sister, unfortunately,”

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