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Noor Stars Biography and Interesting Facts – نور ستارز

Noor Stars is an Iraqi YouTube content creator who has amassed a large fan base for her videos regarding beauty, comics, and vlogs; her real name is Noor Naim/نور ستارز. She is the first Arab woman to have 11 million followers on social media.

نور ستارز هي منشئة محتوى عراقية على يوتيوب جمعت قاعدة كبيرة من المعجبين بمقاطع الفيديو الخاصة بها فيما يتعلق بالجمال والقصص المصورة ومدونات الفيديو. اسمها الحقيقي نور نعيم/نور ستارز.وهي أول امرأة عربية تقوم

Her two most popular videos on the internet are “Do Not Play This Game After midnight’ and “The Difference Between the Bride and Married Girl.” She has also achieved the YouTube play buttons. She has collaborated with brands such as KitKat, Pantene, and Bellini, sharing her favorite products with her fans through fun product integration videos. Forbes Middle East named her one of the Arab World’s most popular YouTubers.

مقطعا الفيديو الأكثر شعبية على الإنترنت هما “لا تلعب هذه اللعبة بعد منتصف الليل” و “الفرق بين العروس والفتاة المتزوجة.” كما حققت أزرار تشغيل YouTube. وقد تعاونت مع علامات تجارية مثل KitKat و Pantene و Bellini ، حيث شاركت منتجاتها المفضلة مع معجبيها من خلال مقاطع فيديو ممتعة لتكامل المنتجات.اختارتها فوربس الشرق الأوسط كواحدة من أشهر مستخدمي يوتيوب في العالم العربي.

Noor Naim (Noor Stars) Complete Biography

Noor Naim, professionally known as Noor Stars. She was born in Baghdad, Iraq, on June 21 (Saturday), 1997. She grew up in Syria. Where she spent her childhood and adolescence before moving to Istanbul, Turkey, complete her primary education. Later, she with her mother and siblings moved to the USA, where she graduated with a degree specializing in business administration. She was born to an Iraqi mother and a Kuwaiti father. Her parents are no longer married. At the moment Noor Naim lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Noor is a coffee addict who cannot go a single day without drinking coffee.

نور نعيم ، المعروف مهنيا باسم نجوم نور. ولدت في بغداد ، العراق ، في 21 يونيو (السبت) ، 1997. نشأت في سوريا. حيث أمضت طفولتها ومراهقتها قبل أن تنتقل إلى اسطنبول ، تركيا ، أكملت تعليمها الابتدائي. في وقت لاحق ، انتقلت مع والدتها وإخوتها إلى الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية ، حيث تخرجت بدرجة متخصصة في إدارة الأعمال. ولدت لأم عراقية وأب كويتي. لم يعد والداها متزوجين. في نور نعيم يعيش في دبي ، الإمارات العربية المتحدة. نور مدمن للقهوة لا يستطيع قضاء يوم واحد دون شرب القهوة.

                      Quick Facts About Noor Naim

1NameNoor Naim
2Nick NameNoor Stars/نور ستارز
3Date of Birth21st June 1997 (Saturday)
4Place of BirthBaghdad, Iraq
5Age25 Years
6Zodiac SignUknown
8HometownBaghdad, Iraq
9Lives inDubai, United Arab Emirates
10QualificationGraduate Degree in Business Administration
11Marital StatusUnmarried, Single
12Eye ColorBlack
13Hair ColorBlack
14Height5 feet 3 inches
15Food HabitNon-Vegetarian
16ProfessionYouTuber, Social Media Influencer
17Net Worth $5 million USD
18HobbiesDancing, Makeup and Shopping

Relationship Status Of Noor Naim

Noor Stars is not married. She is not currently dating anyone i,e single. She has had at least one previous relationship. Noor Naim has never been married before. Like many other celebrities and famous people, she keeps her personal and romantic life private. Our team regularly checks for recent data. It comes back frequently as we continue to add missing data about new relationship details to this page.

Noor Naim Family

She has three siblings named:

  • Benin Naim(Social Media Influencer).
  • Walid Naim(Instagram Influencer).
  • Vdanna.

Noor Stars is a well-known Instagram influencer with 13+ million followers over there. She has 3.5 million devotees on Facebook and more than 150 thousand followers on Twitter. She also has a YouTube channel, where over 19.7 million people watch her videos. She is among one of the top ten YouTubers in Iraq, with international acclaim. She has millions of followers. 

Noor Stars is the only single Arab girl with more than 19 million YouTube subscribers. Noor Stars (Noor Naim) is among the most popular YouTubers in the Middle East, and she lives a lavish lifestyle. She owns a lovely home in one of the most peaceful parts of the country. This opulent mansion is home to her and her family. Aside from that, Noor owns several expensive properties throughout the country. She likes to live wealthy and has fantastic cars in her garage. Recently, she bought a new White Buick Enclave. This is a 2017 model car that costs around USD 30,900.

Noor Naim Age

She is 25 years old as of 2022. Noor Naim was born on June 21, 1997

When Did She Start Her Career?

Noor Stars started her YouTube career in 2014 when she posted her first video, “What’s on My iPhone,” on November 24, 2014. She began by posting short vlogs and later started posting makeup and beauty videos. In 2015, she posted a video titled “20 Tips for Your Period,” which drew much attention from women worldwide. She then started posting comedy skits and challenge videos. She frequently posts about various brand promotions on her social media accounts. 

Noor Stars’ YouTube channel has over 19 million subscribers and over 2.5 billion views. She was ranked 47th on the Tube filter in the top 100 for most subscribers added in a month in 2016, with over 350,000 new subscribers. She is the first choice for companies looking for brand endorsements for skincare products. Several brands want her to be their brand ambassador. Among the brands, she has endorsed with HONOR Arabia, NYX Professional Makeup, Ole Henrik Sen Middle East, Pub Mobile, M.A.C Cosmetics, Sun silk Benefit Cosmetics, KitKat, Pantene, and many more. In 2017, Forbes Middle East published a list of the Arab World’s most popular YouTubers, with Noor Stars topping the list and ranking second. She has earned the Gold Play Button, Silver Play Button, and Diamond Play Button for being a fantastic YouTube feature.

She is a well-known Instagram influencer with over 13 million followers. In 2019, she released the track “Noor Stars – Estana Shway,” which became an instant hit and had over 50 million views. On February 17, 2021, she revealed via Instagram that she had a nose job to improve her appearance.

Noor Naim’s (Noor Stars) Net Worth

According to reliable sources, Noor Stars’ net worth in 2022 will be USD 5 million. She is one of the most popular Iraqi YouTubers and social media stars, who gained popularity through her unique content. Noor Stars earns more than $30,000 per month. Her source of income is her YouTube channel, songs, and videos; from these, she makes a lot of money. Noor Stars’ yearly income exceeds $380,000. She is getting popular in the social media industry, and it appears that she will be one of Iraq’s top YouTube stars in the coming years. She also earns a lot of money from paid Instagram posts, commercials, and brand endorsements. Noor Stars’ net worth and followers are increasing due to her success.

Top 5 Videos of Noor Stars

12019Noor Stars – Estana Shway Exclusive Video50 Million
22017Do Not Play This Game After 12:0048 Million
32018I’m Pregnant for 24 Hours22 Million
42016Types of girls in Ramadan20 Million
52016Difference between Bride &ِ Married Girl19 Million

Noor Stars’s Social Media

Social MediaCountProfiles
1Facebook3.5 Million
2Instagram13.3 Million
5YouTube20 Million
6TikTok8.0 Million

Noor Naim Snapchat

Noor Naim Snapchat

Summarizing the Noor Naims’s Biography

Noor Stars is an Iraqi YouTuber. She has made her name among the YouTube community through her vlogs, comedy, beauty, and lifestyle videos. That brings us to the end of this content, where we discussed Noor Stars’ net worth and complete biography. Then share this entertaining article with your friends and anyone who enjoys learning about the lifestyle and net worth of their favorite social media stars.

نور ستارز هو يوتيوب عراقي. وقالت انها قدمت اسمها بين المجتمع يوتيوب من خلال التي يستخدم لها, كوميديا, جمال, وأشرطة الفيديو نمط الحياة. هذا يقودنا إلى نهاية هذا المحتوى ، حيث ناقشنا القيمة الصافية لنجوم نور والسيرة الذاتية الكاملة. ثم شارك هذه المقالة المسلية مع أصدقائك وأي شخص يستمتع بالتعرف على نمط الحياة والقيمة الصافية لنجوم وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي المفضلين لديهم.

سيرة نور نعيم

F.A.Q About Noor Naim
When did she born?

Noor Naim was born in Iraq on Born June 21, 1997.

When did she move to the USA?

She moved to the USA just after completing her primary education in Turkey.

What is her favorite meal?

For her cheat meals, Noor enjoys pizza.

When did she post her first YouTube video?

She published her first video on November 24, 2014.

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