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New To the Jeep Aftermarket World? Here’s a Beginner’s Guide for Summer 2022!

Maybe you’ve just got your hands on a new Jeep or you’ve decided to go offroad with your current one. Either way, there are lots of ways you can mod your vehicle to enjoy better handling, comfort and safety when you’re not on pavement. While this guide is by no means exhaustive, it will introduce you to some common Jeep Gladiator and Jeep Wrangler upgrades JK that can make an instant difference for your vehicle. 

Off-Roading Accessories

When considering Jeep Gladiator or Wrangler upgrades, you want to start with the basics. Most 4×4 enthusiasts desire better handling and traction on challenging terrain. Visibility and recovery equipment are also just as critical. Many Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator aftermarket accessories provide these benefits. 

Tires and Wheels

Swapping your stock tires and wheels is a smart move: You can choose tires that are better suited to your terrain. You’ll usually find all-terrain and mud-terrain tires from top brands like Toyo, Pro Comp, BF Goodrich, Mickey Thompson, Nitto and Super Swamper. 

Many offroad enthusiasts also upgrade to larger tires and wheels. This increases the amount of ground contact that each tire has on the ground, allowing you to more easily roll over obstacles. You may need to install a suspension lift kit, which increases the length of your suspension and raises the vehicle to give you more ground clearance. Offroaders give top marks to suspension lift kits from Rough Country, Rugged Ridge, Old Man Emu, Skyjacker and Rubicon Express. 

Lighting Upgrades

If you plan on riding offroad at night, you’re gonna need proper illumination. Lighting upgrades and add-ons are a great way to increase your visibility. LED lights shine brighter than their traditional counterparts, but they also require less energy to operate. Some types, like ORACLE’s Colorshift dynamic headlights, offer color-changing options with a control switch or a mobile app. 

Winches and Mounts

Speaking of safety, you’ll need dependable recovery gear. Winches offer the pulling power to retrieve struck vehicles or even pull your own vehicle out of a fix. You’ll need a mount to securely install your winch onto the front bumper, plus a recovery kit with accessories to properly attach the winch’s line to another surface or vehicle. Popular winch options come from Warn, Smittybilt and Superwinch.

Convenience Accessories

Now that you’ve seen some of the basics, it’s time to think about a few extras. Other popular Jeep JL accessories include seat covers, which provide vital protection for your interior upholstery. Floor mats prevent dirt, mud, liquid and other nasty stuff from ending up on your floors. Jeep electronic accessories such as cameras, audio receiver units, speakers, phone mounting accessories and dash switch panels add more utility and fun for your vehicle. You may also consider installing a Jeep soft top, giving you the freedom to enjoy riding in the sunshine and fresh air. 

Hopefully, this guide gave you plenty of suggestions for modding your Jeep. Your favorite offroad parts retailer should stock a wide range of Jeep parts and accessories. Start there first to review possible upgrading options. 

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