Monday, December 4, 2023

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New Ideas for Refurbishing Your Living Areas

When you love your home, it shows. You take care of it, inside and out. You keep it clean and updated because you want it to look its best. Whether you’re hoping to make a great first impression on guests or simply want to enjoy your own space more, refurbishing your home can be a great way to achieve these goals—and many others. 

Stuck for ideas for giving your home a fresh new look? Here are some great ideas for refurbishing your home.

Make Your Living Room Cozy

Your living room is the most traveled area in your home and also where you entertain guests, so it’s important that it reflects your personal style. If your ceilings are on the higher side, consider lowering them to create a cozier feel in the space. This will make the room feel more intimate, and it will also help reduce noise levels. You can lower your living room ceiling by removing existing drywall and adding beams or trusses to give the space some character.

Update Your Radiators

If you want to add a modern touch to your home, why not consider swapping out your old horizontal radiators for some sleek vertical ones? Vertical radiators are not only more aesthetically pleasing than their bulky counterparts, but they also take up far less space. 

This is ideal if you have a small living area that you want to look bigger and more open while also providing more wall space for furniture.

Create an Accent Wall

One popular way to update the look of a room is to create an accent wall. This involves painting one wall in a room a different color than the other walls. This can provide some contrast and make the room feel more interesting. It can also be used to highlight specific features in the room, such as a fireplace or alcove.

Updating Your Furniture

Furniture can make or break the look of a room. If your furniture is looking a little worn, consider updating it. You don’t necessarily have to buy new furniture; you can refinish old pieces, reupholster chairs, or paint dressers. Give your furniture a fresh look and it will instantly brighten up your space.

Renovate the Flooring

If your home’s flooring looks a bit outdated, consider updating it. This can be a big project or a small one, depending on the amount of flooring you have and what needs to be done. You may just need to refinish some hardwood floors or lay down new carpet in high-traffic areas. 

Use the Area Under the Stairs

One great way to make use of extra space in your home is to utilize the area under the stairs. This can be a great place for storage or even an additional living space. If you have a small home, this is a great way to add some extra square footage. There are many ways to refurbish this space, and it can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

Create a Cozy Reading Nook

Creating a reading nook is another way to add some personality and coziness to your home. First, find a corner or other space in your home that gets good natural light during the day. Then, bring in a comfortable chair or small sofa and add some pillows. Add a small side table for your cup of tea or coffee, and finally, fill the shelves with books, magazines, or other items that inspire you.

Baseboard Drawers Make the Most of Your Space

If you’re tight on space in your home, baseboard drawers are a great way to make the most of every square inch. By mounting small drawers to the baseboards around your room, you can add extra storage without taking up any floor space. These are perfect for things like socks and underwear, or even jewelry and other small items.

Increase Usable Space

If you’re looking to create more usable space in your home, one great way to do so is by finishing your basement. This can be a relatively easy and cost-effective project that will add a lot of extra living space to your home. Not only will this give you more room to enjoy, but it can also potentially increase the value of your home.

Another way to create more usable space is by reconfiguring the layout of your home. This may require some major construction work, but if done correctly, it can completely change the feel and function of your living space. For example, knocking down walls to create an open concept floor plan can make a small home feel much larger and more welcoming.

Add or upgrade the kitchen island

A kitchen island can really change the look and feel of your kitchen. If you have the space, add one to create a more open concept kitchen. You can also use it as extra counter space or storage. If you already have an island, consider upgrading it with a new countertop or appliances.

Be Mindful of Colors

Whether you’re planning on refreshing your home with a new coat of paint or putting in new carpeting, be mindful of the colors you choose. Colors have the ability to affect our moods, so take care to select shades that will create the atmosphere you want in each room. If you’re not sure where to start, consider consulting with a professional interior designer.

Create a Focal Point with Lightning

An excellent way to create a focal point in your home is with lighting. You can use light fixtures, lamps, and candles to draw the eye to a particular area or piece of furniture in your home. This is a great way to make a small space seem larger or to highlight a favorite work of art.

Use open shelves

Another way to change up the look of your kitchen is to install open shelving. This can be a great way to show off stylish dishware, and it can also make your space feel more open and airy. You can find open shelving units at most home improvement stores.

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