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Nail Care Guide for Different Nails

Having well polished, shapely and at times colorful nails help to add beauty to the overall appearance of a lady. To ensure they remain clean and healthy, nail care needs to be given. Every individual has different nail types which mean they require different techniques to ensure they remain health.

Chewing of nails, use of harsh detergents without protective gloves and application of pressure are some of the habits that lead to poor nail growth and care.

Below is a nail care guide to help ladies with different nails.

Brittle nails

For ladies who have brittle nails, they know how weak they are and breaking or cracking are some of the calamities that befall them. How do you know you have brittle nails? The simple test to know whether your nails are brittle is to simply press the sides of your fingernail. If they crack, then you have weak nails.

Brittle nails usually crack due to dehydration. The first step to caring for weak nails is to avoid hardeners as it will make them rigid. Instead of hardeners, apply a quality moisturizer which can be purchased at a store. Also you can apply hand butter or rich almond oil to help hydrate and revitalize the weak nails.

To prevent breaking, you need to file your nails into an oval shape at the edge. This will help to absorb shock and eliminate chances of breakage.

Damaged nails

Extreme dehydration is the main cause of damaged nails. Damaged nails usually split, crack, flake or break. To ensure the nails are healthy, you need to apply a quality base coat. Apply a superior top coat to help enhance nail strength which will reduce dehydration.

To ensure new nails grow well, you need to apply cuticle oil on a daily basis.

Soft nails

For ladies with soft fingernails, they seldom grow to be longer and it takes time for them to reach a particular size. Soft nails bend easily at the slightest touch. To strengthen them, you need to apply a nail hardener.

This will help to diminish peeling and it will help to secure protein fibers within the fingernails therefore creating an even stronger bond.

To protect them even further, you need to wear gloves whether when doing chores as this will help to prevent hydration. Be very cautious when exposing your hands to harsh chemicals or detergents for long periods of time. Damage will occur on the nails as well as the hands.

Healthy and natural nails

Individuals who fall under this category are the lucky few who can grow their nails with ease. Natural and healthy nails are usually shiny and pink in color. To ensure they remain healthy, you need to apply a quality hand cream each day.

Also avoid the usual harsh chemicals and hot water.

Nail care is vital to ensure your fingernails grow healthy and to the right size. For individuals with damaged nails, you need to apply quality base coat and cover with a superior top coat. For individuals with soft nails, nail hardeners will work well while for those with brittle nails, you need to use a quality moisturizer to help hydrate the fingernails.

Individuals with natural and healthy nails, ensure you stay away from harsh chemicals and wear protective gloves when cleaning.

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