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More From the Publisher Review – Is Morclothes Legit?

For more than two years, online searches have raised the question of whether is a scam or legit. Unfortunately, the reviews are not encouraging. We want to tell you that this company is just a small one that struggles to fulfill orders on time. That’s why people think this company appears to be a fraud and should not be trusted. Their website is no more online in 2022.

More About

As the company’s name suggests, Morclothes deals with clothes of all different kinds and styles. In addition, footwear is sold there as well. It first appeared in 2008. The company operates mainly through internet channels. Overall, it accomplishes what any reputable brand would do. Morclothes also offers clothes created from repurposed materials. Many people have expressed concerns about the reliability of this website, and some have even called it a fraud. However, the business has continuously disputed these complaints and even made available video footage to support its claims.

Red Flags

One of the red flags for this website is that purchasing large tickets has always been difficult (more than SI00). It may appear inconvenient for oversized ticket items not to be available for purchase. Still, you should understand that most credit card companies do not pursue complaints and only return the money to the cardholder, but they are normal. They don’t go after retailers. Furthermore, many people who make small purchases decide to limit their losses. They don’t even request a refund from credit card companies. The website frequently fails and is server usually goes down, which is a red flag. Online retailers should design their websites to accommodate high traffic.

Too Good to be True Discounts

The discounts at Morclothes are sometimes criticized for being too good to be true. This frequently involves providing things for sale that are out of stock on other websites or offering discounts of 70–80% on brand-new items still in great demand. Customers usually wouldn’t complain about the price if they received an unbelievable bargain. Still, this problem frequently appears in reviews, indicating a far more significant problem.

Reports of Items Never Arriving

Reviews of Morclothes frequently note that the ordered things never appear to arrive, in addition to emphasizing how the pricing structure on the site could be better to be true. Getting something at a fantastic price is one thing; not getting it is an altogether different scenario. No of the price; if you get what you requested, you’re paying less. Unfortunately, this problem is closely related to another significant fault we’ve found with the Morclothes website.

Unresponsive customer service

You want to know that the person answering your call cares whenever you have an issue with a website. There doesn’t appear to be anyone else on the other end regarding Morclothe’s feedback. Customers not only complain that they don’t get the things they requested, but they also claim that customer care is essentially nonexistent. Consumers frequently need the assistance of their bank or Paypal to obtain refunds for services they have yet to get.

Is it a Scam?

This question has a complex solution. While some individuals have had positive experiences using Morclothes, others have had problems. It is crucial to check the reviews before purchasing because the quality of the clothing appears to vary.

  • It’s also vital to remember that Morclothes might be unreliable in shipping orders. 
  • There have been instances where customers either did not get their order or did so with a damaged product.
  • Numerous internet reviews of claim that the website could be more trustworthy and authentic. However, the online clothing retailer has repeatedly betrayed the faith and hopes of its consumers. 
  • People now have very low consideration for the brand due to it.

Some Essential Details That You Should Know About Morclothes

  1. Several questionable websites, including Karaboaz, KaleSale, Shopsoka, Koroutlet, Finemare, Superje, AkaiFashion, JoePretty, Cutevana, Ouslily, Chiclv, MolyDress, PearlzillaShop, ArcladyShop, BasaChic, CoronaBlue, etc., have many similarities with Morclothes. For instance: Its website theme could be more organised. Many of the facts presented on the Morclothes website have been taken from other websites, many of which are scam websites. Despite listing its company’s location as being in China, it has said that its Terms are controlled by American law. What justifies subjecting any Chinese firm to American law? This sort of error has frequently been discovered on bogus websites.
  2. When we used Google Maps to look for the address of the firm Morclothes (401, unit 6, building 16, Longhua village, Tiefeng District, Qiqihar, Heilongjiang, China 161002), we were unable to locate an identical match. According to Google Maps, there is a partial match to the provided address, and as we have already said, its terms are subject to US law. If it is Chinese, Chinese law ought to apply to its Terms. It appears that Morclothes gave the address for the fictitious business. Nowadays, there are many online scam businesses, so it is best to avoid dubious claims and contact information.
  3. There are many internet retailers like Morclothes; however, they receive many complaints. Users of comparable websites have stated that these online retailers’ customer service is terrible and that the products they send are of inferior quality. Even the products look different from what they promised on their websites. Users have expressed dissatisfaction about having paid more than the actual value of the goods. Some customers have even reported never receiving any merchandise from these internet retailers. Customers of other online retailers of a similar nature have criticised these sites’ ineffective refund policies and lengthy delivery times. Morclothes and these internet retailers share a lot of similarities.
  4. Despite having several things advertised that cost more than $100, Morclothes prohibits you from purchasing them, just like other problematic websites of a similar nature. Such errors frequently occur on scandalous websites.

More Facts to Consider it Spam website

Though this website appears to be legitimate, the well-designed platform and enticing offers are only a door. It is not a legitimate store, but a fraud designed to lure customers with its discounts and convincing platform. It simply mirrors other online store scams, with the only difference being the domain name. These are red flags that led us to classify as a scam.

  • The phone number they provided is no longer in service.
  • Huge Savings. When you see discounts, be cautious. Like that, it could be a ploy to draw you in Anonymous lots. 
  • We were unable to determine who is behind this platform. Even when we checked whois, we couldn’t find anything concrete.
  • There is insufficient information on their website.
  • There are no security measures in place to protect people’s personal and financial information.

Company Assessment

The owner of the website keeps his identity a mystery. Using this information, spammers advertise their services to website owners. Many website owners made the decision to hide their contact information as a result. However, con artists may also abuse it.

This website appears to be “parked,” which indicates that the owner is no longer actively using it. However, the last time you came here, it may have been in use very well. You should Get in touch with your bank or credit card company as soon as possible if you have made a transaction but have yet to receive your goods or services.

Webstore Assessment

We constantly look at the Tranco rating in our analysis. It was low in this instance. A low Tranco ranking indicates that only a few people are visiting the website. This makes sense for a brand-new website. A website with a narrow focus operates in the same way. However, red flags should be raised if the website purports to be a well-known or significant business site.

Technical Assessment

A legitimate SSL Certificate was located. An SSL certificate ensures safe communication between your computer and the website. There are several degrees of SSL certification. Online scammers use a free one that is also readily available. However, not having an SSL certificate is worse if you have to give your contact details.


The fact that the owner is unknown and no authenticity was found, no social media presence, no any wiki knowledge, neither a physical store address was found. People don’t even receive goods from this website. It’s a scam website.

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The fact that the owner is unknown and no authenticity was found, no social media presence, no any wiki knowledge, neither a physical store address was found. People don't even receive goods from this website. It's a scam Review - Is Morclothes Legit?