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Top 5 New Menu Items to Try at Papa Johns!

Who doesn’t love pizza? It is one of the greatest treats ever to come out of an oven. Papa Johns specials are among the most delicious items ever served from a pizza chain.  

As one of the top chains in the industry, Papa Johns continues to make a name for itself. The growth of its traditional menu and the addition of several new items is what keeps customers satisfied and coming back for more. However, customers are not the only ones who rave about the pizza giants. Food critics are also loyal supporters of the chain and its new management. The future looks bright for Papa Johns. 

The Largest Menu Selection in the Business

Did you know that Papa Johns has the largest menu selection in the industry? The company is always pushing the boundaries to bring even more to its loyal consumers. If you cannot find anything to suit your taste buds on a Papa Johns menu, you are not looking hard enough. 

From pizza to Papadias to desserts and anything in between, Papa Johns has got you covered. On top of the standard large menu, the company also boasts specials. As a pizza chain, Papa Johns truly excels at giving the customers what they want: variety and deliciousness. 

What Do Food Critics Say About the Menu?

Customers are not the only ones raving about the menu. Food critics have been consistently impressed with the new direction and recipes of Papa Johns. From the rave reviews about Papadias and the new Papa Johns order ahead options, critics can’t get enough.  

The food is delicious. The sauce is amazing. The toppings are out of this world.  

Reviews are an important part of Papa Johns. The company takes every review, the good and the bad, as a message to improve. The leadership is continuously making changes to meet customer demands and still provide the same quality of taste and service they are used to. 

What Are the Best Menu Items?

There are many menu items to try and enjoy at Papa Johns. Still, if you could only try a few options, the top five would have to be: 

  • Garden Fresh Pizza 
  • Cinnamon Pull Aparts 
  • Spicy Italian Pizza 
  • Papa Garden Salad 
  • Cheesesticks 

Obviously, there is so much more to enjoy, including the Bacon Cheddarburger Pizza, the Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza, etc. You cannot go wrong with Papa Johns. 

The menu includes something for the entire family, making it perfect for nights when you don’t know what to eat. Your picky eaters can enjoy Papa’s delicious cheese pizza. For those who do not want a pizza, they can enjoy a salad or a parmesan-crusted Papadia. Perhaps you are in the mood for something sweet and nothing else. Why not have a brownie or cookie?

Dinner time was made for pizza, and pizza was made for Papa Johns. Why waste any more time debating mealtime? Check out your local Papa Johns and order in for a fun, delicious family evening. You deserve a warm cheesy treat, and so does your family.

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