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Mastering the Art of Foreplay: Women’s Guide

Every woman loves foreplay, but some know how to receive it than to give it. You do not have to always wait for your man to initiate it. There are tips that could make you have your man begging for it every single night. Did you know that foreplay could start during a phone call, at a restaurant or even through a text message? The next time you wonder how to get your man hot and ready without putting in too much work you can try some of the following tips.

Make full use of the visual aspect

It is not news that men are visual. The next time it’s date night make sure to turn him on by putting on a show for him. Dance in nothing but your birthday suit while you touch your body slowly. Men love naked women. He will love that you can appreciate your body in such a sexy and sensual manner. If you want to turn things up a notch you may consider rubbing some lotion all over your body as you dance. This will make him want to rub that lotion on you himself right before he makes love to you.

Wicked wicked mind games

Mind games are fun and they should not be underrated when it comes to sex. If you are up to putting your man through some torture you can dress in a sexy tight top that exposes some cleavage. Bend strategically around him such that he will have to notice those perky luscious girls. Make sure to act like you are innocent in this scenario. This move can have him anticipating for the time he will get to be alone with you and your girls.

Wet and juicy kisses

It’s those wet, tongue-all-in-your-face kisses that your man wants you to give him during foreplay. Do it passionately, deeply and in the most sensual way possible and you will have the perfect prelude to some hot sex. Do not use licking sparingly. Sucking his bottom lip is also sure to drive him wild right before you actually get to DRIVE him wild.

Be verbal

Tell your man what you want and tell him how to give it to you. This will make him eager to fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations. Men love it when women can express themselves sexually without feeling any shame. This confidence and your sex appeal is a sure shot at being a perfect lead up to sex.

Make him weak

Fondling his goods is the quickest way to get him ready for action, but there are other regions you should not be overlooking too. Such regions include the back, chest, neck and ears. Low whispers in his ear can turn him on faster than you getting naked. Try and say something dirty to him in a public place to show your daring and wild side. Gently bite his ear after whispering to make him want to bite your special places too. Lick his chest and bite his back gently to make him hotter and hotter for you.

Uniqueness is all it takes to become a master of foreplay tactics. Always think outside that square enclosure you have placed yourself in and go for something different. You can stretch your imagination as wide as possible, but always remember to make it sexy.

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