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Master P Net Worth: How the Rapper Built a Fortune

Master P, whose real name is Percy Robert Miller, is an American rapper, actor, record producer, and entrepreneur. He was born on April 29, 1967, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Miller’s rise to fame began in the early 1990s when he founded his own record label, No Limit Records. He became one of the most successful independent hip-hop artists and entrepreneurs in history, selling over 100 million records worldwide and earning a net worth of over $200 million. In addition to his music career, Master P has also pursued various business ventures, including a clothing line, a film production company, a sports management agency, and a real estate empire. He is considered a pioneer of southern hip-hop and a successful example of entrepreneurship in the music industry.

Master P’s Net Worth

Master P, also known as Percy Robert Miller, is an American rapper, actor, entrepreneur, and former professional basketball player. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Master P’s net worth is estimated to be around $200 million as of 2021. He has earned his wealth through his successful career in the music industry, as well as his numerous business ventures, which include a record label, film production company, clothing line, and more. Master P has also been involved in various philanthropic endeavors, including launching a program to provide free education to underprivileged children in New Orleans.

How Much Does Master P Make Per Year?

Master P is still moving forward and taking part in numerous community service initiatives. He will earn royalties on the prior projects he completed for many years to come and be remembered forever as a Hip Hop mogul. He’s venturing into new industries now though.

He has moved into other industries, including those of movies, video games, toys, sports, and many more. His current focus is on the food industry. P wants to promote goods that end up on the shelves of supermarkets or in auto dealerships.

Always a big thinker, he eventually developed a line of goods, including cereal, syrup, muesli, snacks and more, with the proceeds benefiting the neighbourhood. He also intends to build black-owned supercars, drawing inspiration from Elon Musk.

But acquiring his most recent income is difficult because his current goal is to donate the majority of the money he makes from his businesses back to the black community. Nevertheless, we are still able to offer a base salary depending on the earning capacity of his net worth.

To determine P’s base salary, we will simply assume that he is an astute investor who can generate a 4.5% yearly yield on his net worth (not difficult given historical returns of 3-5% on safe investments). He could easily be earning $13.4 million annually if he hypothetically transferred all of his assets into several secure dividend/cash flow generating assets like REITS, ETFs, and Stocks.


Master P’s net worth has fluctuated over the years as he has shifted his focus from music to business. In the late 1990s, he was at the height of his music career, with No Limit Records bringing in millions in revenue. At the same time, he also ventured into film and television, with roles in movies such as “I Got the Hook Up” and TV shows like “Soulja Boy: The Movie“.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, as of 2021, Master P’s net worth is estimated to be around $200 million. While his music career has slowed down, he has continued to expand his business ventures, including real estate, clothing lines, and even a mixed martial arts league.

Overall, Master P’s net worth history shows that he has been able to build a successful career and amass a significant fortune through a combination of hard work, entrepreneurship, and diversification of income streams.

How Did Master P Get So Rich?

In the early 1990s, Master P founded his own record label, No Limit Records, which quickly became one of the most successful independent record labels in history. With a focus on the southern hip-hop sound, No Limit Records sold millions of albums, and Master P became known for his business savvy and ability to generate profits.

In addition to his music career, Master P also pursued entrepreneurial ventures. He launched a clothing line, a phone sex company, a sports management firm, and a real estate development company, among other businesses.

Master P also appeared in several films and TV shows, including “I Got the Hook Up” and “Romeo!” and had a successful career as a professional basketball player, playing for the Charlotte Hornets and Toronto Raptors during the late 1990s.

Through his various ventures, Master P has amassed a significant fortune. While his net worth has fluctuated over the years, he has consistently been one of the richest people in hip-hop, with estimated net worths ranging from $200 million to $600 million.

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