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Lip Care During Winter

Lip care during winter might be quite a nut to crack for many. That’s right, the entire chapping thing is a thorn in the flesh. But it’s all due to insufficient moisture on your lips. Lip skin lacks sebaceous glands that are responsible for moisture maintenance. It’s no wonder your lips would become not only dry but also chapped with inflammation in winter. That’s why you want to consider lip-care seriously during winter. The following tips should help.

Moisturize your lips

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is but have your lips moistened, even at night. Yes, get yourself some lip balm or balsam. Yet that’s not enough: have them at your home, in your purse, and inside your pockets. You don’t want to run short of those. Equally noteworthy, avoid using balsams that contain glycerine, alcohol, menthol, or petrochemical products. Otherwise, they should only help dry up your tender lip skin.

Apply scrub on your lips

Applying scrub on your lips does wonders in helping remove dead cells, elements that are responsible for a rough skin surface. You also don’t want to worry about lip scrub! The one you use on your face would do just fine. But what thrills more is some mix of semolina with honey; massage your lips gently with the mixture. And if you didn’t know, a soft toothbrush could well replace scrub.

Don’t lick your lips

Lip-licking worsens chapping. The saliva evaporates, dehydrating the lips further. Plus, saliva contains acids that are known for digestion in the mouth. It’s the reason the acids would truly irritate your compromised lip skin. More in store, lip-licking apparently removes skin flakes from your lips, a thing that can cause bleeding and extreme discomfort. To avoid licking your lips, simply apply a little aloe juice on your lips.

Drink plenty of fluids

That goes without saying. Of course, it’s a lack of moisture in both your lips and body that makes your lips chap. I mean, staying hydrated in winter is mandatory. Drink enough fluids, and make it consistent. After all, what you are after is nothing but moist lips, everyone’s desire.

Use a humidifier

In winter, the air is dry even indoors. So, getting yourself a humidifier is inevitable. Come on, you want to bring moisture back in your indoor air, and save your lips. Even quite handy, you might consider purchasing a heater that has a humidifier attached to it. All you need to do is adjust the settings to help give a more humid inner atmosphere.

Consider lip care first-aid

It’s winter. This first-aid applies to lips that are chapped already, or peeled up heavily. Besides, it goes a long way to help remedy the problem. Which is the reason you might consider applying some oily facial cream to your cracked lips. Oil helps retain moisture. Just apply the creme in the mornings and nights. Still, let it get absorbed totally into your lips. You also want to forget about all of your lipsticks during this time, for they will only help worsen the already worse condition. More so, they should irritate the inner surface of your lips.

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