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Laptops vs Tablets – Which Is Better For Students

If you are considering buying a new device as a student or for your teen, you might be wondering if a laptop or a tablet is going to be the best choice for them. The best tablets these days are more powerful than some budget-range laptops, but it’s mainly down to personal preference and usage needs when it comes to deciding which is the best option. Keep reading to find out more about the differences between laptops and tablets to determine which will suit you best a student. 


If you can only afford to buy one device as a student, then a laptop is probably going to be the best choice. This is especially true if your main reason for buying is to get them something that they can use for schoolwork. These laptops for middle school are a great choice for students, teens or pre-teens who need their own device for homework and revision. Laptops are designed for productivity and can usually do much more than tablets, including easier use of powerful software and document creation. You might also want to consider getting a hybrid or convertible device, which a student can use as either a laptop or a tablet depending on what they are using it for at the time. 


If you are considering getting a device for your teen that is portable and they can take with them to many different places, then a tablet is an ideal choice. Most tablets weigh less than two pounds, which is lighter than even the smallest laptops. If a student wants a device for doing things like reading or watching TV shows when they are on the go, then a tablet will suit them well. 

Battery Life

Another consideration to make when choosing between a laptop or tablet as a student is the battery life. If your teen wants a device that they can rely on to last them all day long, then a tablet might be a better choice since they will usually have a longer battery life compared to laptops. Most of the time, laptops can last around four to eight hours on a full charge, while tablets tend to support up to ten hours of web or app use before they require charging. This is because tablets have hardware components with lower power requirements. 


How much storage space a student will get for files, apps and more is also more considering when choosing the right device for them. If you are getting your teen a laptop for schoolwork, then the storage space is going to be crucial. When it comes to this factor, tablets are at a disadvantage since many have limited storage space due to sold-state memory to keep the cost and size of tablets down. On the other hand, laptops tend to offer more internal storage compared to tablets and are more likely to have expandable storage options. 

As your child gets older, they’re more likely to need their own device for school and personal use. Keep these factors in mind when choosing between a tablet or a laptop when making a purchase as a student or teen.

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