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Know More about The Day Spa Memberships

Are you planning to be a member of the day spa near your area? Are you aware of the benefits that you can get when you become a member? Do you know the various types of day spa memberships?

Visiting spa is one way of pampering ourselves after a tiring day at work or home. We usually spend our weekends at spas to unwind for a while. But most of us want to do it on a regular basis. This is why a lot of people decide to be a member of a day spa.

Are you one of those people who want to be a member of the day spa in your place? Well, here are some important bits of information that you need to know.

Benefits of Being a Day Spa Member

If you are a member of any day spa in your area, you have a privilege to access any of their special amenities including their Jacuzzi’s and specialized showers. If you are not a day spa member, you can only avail these amenities if you order a treatment.

Members also have the privilege to use steam rooms, gymnasiums, saunas and indoor pools with unlimited access. Some day spas even offer free trainer to their members. Day spas also offer huge discounts to their loyal members. Free services are also offered. Day spas also offer a wide variety of resort concierge services.

If you want to bring your special someone with you, you can also do so. There are spas that offer free passes for the member’s loved one.

Memberships and packages for couples are also available. If you are a member, you can also invite many of your friends to try the spa’s amenities for free.

A spa member can also get free spa treatments, services and products during his or her birthday. This is the spa’s way of thanking the member for his or her continued patronage to the business establishment.

Types of Day Spa Memberships

If you want to be long time member of a day spa, you should apply for a signature membership. When you apply for this type of membership, you need to pay the total number of months you wish to be a day spa member. Of course, the longer you want to be a member, the more expensive it gets. If you are a signature member, you have the privilege to use all the amenities of the spa as long as you want.

If you want to be a regular guest of a certain day spa, you can apply for a flex membership. You are also required to pay fees that correspond to the package you want to avail. There are also exciting benefits that are waiting for the flex members.

If you don’t have the time to visit the day spa regularly, you can avail of their daily membership. You will pay for that day so you can use all their amenities.

After knowing the benefits and types of spa memberships, you can now decide the next step that you will take.

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