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Know About Canadian Education Exchange Foundation Program

Educator Exchanges

CEEF organizes exchanges for teachers at the secondary, elementary and, in some instances, higher levels of college. CEEF provides inter-provincial exchanges to Ontario, British Columbia and New Brunswick teachers with counterparts from the provinces, including all Canadian provinces, with the exception of Quebec. International exchanges for teachers are offered in the following locations: Australia, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Switzerland, The Republic of Ireland, The United Kingdom (including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), and Colorado, U.S.A. Exchanges can also be arranged through an organization called the Council of International Schools. These schools of education are located virtually anywhere in the world, however, the teaching is in English. For more details on these schools, go online.

3-month Exchange Program

CEEF student exchanges take place at schools. If students are interested, the principal of their school must accept the participation of students by signing the form. Two phases are attached in every student exchange: hosting and a visit period. If the students are successful in matching to a three-month program the student visiting stays with their family members beginning in mid-August until the middle of November . He or she is enrolled in classes at the local school when the fall term starts. For the duration of the exchange students return to their home countries of their exchange partner. They reside with the family of their exchange partner between mid-February and mid-May, and go to school in the country of their exchange. The CEEF Student Exchange provides the chance to in a foreign land and experience a different culture. It also helps to increase the student’s capacity to speak another language partner from the foreign country an integral part of their host family for three weeks CEEF student exchange programmes are designed to: increase proficiency in language enhance awareness of other cultures to encourage personal development and growth offer students the chance to live their dreams of travel and adventure

Note : Canadian Education Exchange Foundation is Closed Now

  • Address: 250 Bayview Dr, Barrie, ON L4N 4Y8, Canada
  • Phone: +1 705-739-7596
  • Province: Ontario

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