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Key distinctions between online CPR certification and ACLS online certification

Many lifesaving courses are available online, but do you know which one to take? Some essential criteria for picking the right course are its usability and enrollment criteria. The CPR online certification is one of the easiest courses to take. In contrast, the Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) course needs practice in healthcare. Here you will learn about the similarities and differences between these courses. The blog also highlights the importance of CPR and the people who should invest in an ACLS certification.

Why should one go for Online CPR Certification?

Taking a lifesaving certificate adds to your resume and confidence levels. However, only some have the facility that teaches these courses nearby. Taking this course online comes with the following benefits:

  1. Convenient: You can take an online course from the comfort of your home. There is also no fixed time for the classes, as most places offer pre-recorded modules. You can take them whenever it works best for you.
  2. Faster: Online courses give you the entire study material with a deadline. It is up to the learner to finish the course within that timeframe and appear for the test. Online courses are usually smaller than offline ones.
  3. Affordable: Institutes price online courses lower than physical ones. Institutions do not have to spend extra on rent for a classroom.
  4. Expert Tutors: Your local institute or university will have tutors from the same area. But an online course can have tutors from across the globe.
  5. Self-Paced: With online courses, you can study when you like and review the material as often as needed.
  6. Availability: Most online courses give you access to the material for a lifetime. You can even apply for recertification at the same university and take it online.

Who can take an ACLS Certification?

ACLS is the best certification for people who wish to work in healthcare. Some people who can consider taking this course include:

  1. ACLS Certification is for healthcare professionals who manage cardiac emergencies. This course teaches the use of medication for severe cases.
  2. Doctors and nurses usually take it. Even paramedics, respiratory therapists, and other medical personnel can invest in this course.
  3. To take an ACLS Certification course, you must be an adult. Students also need a valid healthcare license.
  4. You must also have an essential life support (BLS) certification. This course teaches the basics which lay the foundation for ACLS.
  5. You need to have experience with patients suffering from cardiac arrest. With experience, you can contribute to the classroom and feel included.

Key differences between Online CPR Certification & ACLS certification

First aid and CPR are the basic certifications in lifesaving courses. The ACLS certification is an advanced course with some prerequisites. Both certificates have some similarities and differences, as given below.


  1. Both ACLS and CPR courses cover the fundamentals of life support. You learn about chest compressions and reviving a person from cardiac arrest.
  2. For both courses, you must complete the skills test to receive certification.
  3. Both courses are readily available online on websites like the American HealthCare Academy. You can get a globally recognized certification from this institute.
  4. Like other lifesaving courses, these also follow pre-set guidelines. Both courses also have recertification options.
  5. Both courses provide knowledge to save a person from respiratory and cardiac distress. 


  1. ACLS online certification is more advanced than CPR online certification. It covers more complex topics like treating irregular heart rhythms and hospital care for cardiac arrest.
  2. You need more formal prerequisites for the ACLS certification than CPR certification. Before the ACLS certification, you must take a Basic Life Support (BLS) course.
  3. ACLS certification typically requires a longer time commitment than CPR certification. This course covers more topics than resuscitation and compressions.
  4. Bystanders can take a CPR certification online and save lives. But only nurses and other healthcare workers can take an ACLS course.


Online CPR certification and ACLS online certification are both crucial certifications to have. They both offer lifesaving skills and knowledge that can be used in many situations. Online CPR certification provides basics in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The ACLS online certification is more advanced. You can start with the CPR online certification and move up to the ACLS certification. The American HealthCare Academy offers both of these courses at affordable prices. Login to the AHCA website for more details.

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