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Juliet Amelia – Playboy & Multi Published Cover Model

Juliet Amelia is an internationally published model with over eight years of experience. She was named Playboy Playmate of the Year Sweden 2019. She is an official Playboy Playmate cover model in New Zealand, Portugal, Denmark, Africa, Spain, Sweden, Australia, and South Africa with several Playboy pictures such as Australia and Slovakia. She has been featured on more than 70 covers such as FHM (2x), RHK, Lifestyle For Men, Trending (2x), Luxury Trending (2x), Mancave Playbabes as well as many other magazines. Juliet is mature, sexy, elegant, and experienced; people love her British accent!!!! She has a sexy flow about her and follows directions like a pro! She has excellent ideas, and that beautiful mind is just as impressive as her physical beauty.

Juliet Amelia photo rate & Nude

Her photography shoots start at $100 for an hour, $150 for implied nudes, and a two-hour minimum booking. All photo shoots need a deposit of $50. Juliet Amelia is flexible, professional, and creative, she is highly adept at the direction of her supervisor, and is a great team player! Her particular talents include British accents, Yoga, and fitness model. Additionally, she is a certified massage therapist.

The career of Juliet Amelia

Juliet Amelia modeling career has been a journey to many exciting and exotic destinations, like Jamaica, Aruba, London, Paris, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Florida Keys, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Jackson Hole, New York locations like Jackson Hole, Jamaica, Aruba, Miami, London, Toronto, Oregon, and San Diego. Her experience encompasses glamour, fashion boudoir, swimwear bikini, print, and runway.

Juliet Amelia Instagram

As discussed above, Juliet Amelia is a famous model, well known for her body fitness photos she shares on social media. Yes, she must have a massive fan following, and we made some efforts to show you her following records.

Instagram:320K Followers

Juliet Amelia playboy

Juliet Amelia playboy
Juliet Amelia playboy

Juliet Amelia, a 45-year-old licensed massage Therapist from Florida, appeared to be the most popular model in the world when she made appearances in the eight Playboy international editions, comprising Playboy Sweden, Playboy South Africa, and Playboy New Zealand – in 12 months between 2018 and 2019.

Amelia is a model who sells copies of the covers and various “uncensored images” on her website – was also prominently featured on the front cover of British men’s magazine FHM in South Africa and Australia during the same time.

Juliet Amelia measurements

  • Bust: 34DDD
  • Waist: 25″
  • Height: 5′ 5″
  • Weight: 110lbs
  • Hips: 35″

Hair and skincare routine?

She takes care of her hair with Aveda products as well as Olaplex. Her daily skincare routine comprises Clinique’s “Take the Day Off” Elemis cleanser, toner, a moisturizer with SPF, and Dr. Brandt’s eye cream.

Diet routine of Juliet Amelia

A cup of latte coffee with protein bars every early morning. It’s the best thing! Juliet Amelia likes to cook, and she eats healthy nearly every day. Her favorite is fish, chicken or vegetables, steak on the grill, or a spicy stir fry cooked in a wok for dinner.

Five places that Juliet Amelia loves.

  1. Key West, Florida
  2. Salt Spring Island Vancouver Canada
  3. Hawaii, Maui, Big Island, and Lanai
  4. Royal Caribbean Resort Jamaica.
  5. My Gulf of Mexico beach house home in Florida

Facts about Juliet Amelia

  • She loves to read spiritual and personal development books, and recently she has been developing her book.
  • Being British being British, she doesn’t consume tea.
  • She typically checks her email and social media at breakfast.
  • Every day 2-mile walk along the beach, listening to music or podcasts.
  • She tries not to skip a sunset on the shore.
  • Loves cooking, and I am a healthy eater almost always.
  • A licensed massage practitioner and well-being and holistic coach.

Does Juliet Amelia still make a playboy?

Yes! An agency discovered Juliet Amelia for modeling through Facebook. They made a comp card. After that, she began the Model Mayhem profile that introduced photographers to her, which helped Juliet to develop her portfolio. Juliet was approached via Playboy photographer Steven Ruegnitz, mentored by one of Playboy’s most well-known photographers, Arny Freytag. Steven encouraged Juliet to pursue her goals to become a model for the company. Playboy model.

Juliet Amelia traveled and did numerous shoots. She is learning and building confidence with every shoot. Her first Playboy photograph was published in Slovakia in July of 2018. It was with the photographer who had never had a picture posted by

The best maxim covers Juliet Amelia. Anyone can be an ad-cover model in the present, provided she’s willing to shell out the money.

The dream for Juliet Amelia To be selected as Playboy Player of the Year for Sweden was more than she ever imagined Playboy before.

Is Juliet Amelia a Porn Star?

No she is not a porn star. She is a Playmate and Cover Model at Playboy Africa

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