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Jeanne Burd – Mother Of Rapper Lil Dicky

Many people came to the limelight due to their parents, but there is the inverse of it, Jeanne Burd went into the spotlight due to her son, David Andrew Burd. Jeanne Burd is the mother of famous comedian, actor amd internationally renowned rapper David Andrew Burd aka Rapper Lil Dicky. But here, we also clarify that Jeanne Burd was familiar to the people of America because she was also an actress and worked on various projects to show her acting talent. Jeanne Burd’s son was famous on stage as Moniker Lil Dicky, and his real name is David Andrew Burd. It was his mom, who encouraged and supported him to pursue his career as a rapper while he was in fifth grade. In 2013, when the video song of David Andrew Burd’s “Ex-Boyfriend” was made public, Lil Dicky was catapulted into the spotlight.

Who is Jeanne Burd?

Jeanne Burd was born in the United States in 1971, and according to her birth year, she is 51 years old. While searching for many celebrities or famous personalities, you had assumed that most like to hide their personal information and access only limited knowledge to their fans, and Jeanne Burd is also one of them. She has kept her personal life private. Most people search for the reason for her fame, and most people might be astonished to know that her fame is due to her son, David, commonly known as Lil Dickey. David is an American comedian, rapper, and actor, and Jeanne Burd is also an actress by profession further, she encourages and supports her son to build a successful career.

1Full NameJeanne Burd
2Date of Birth1971
3Birthplace United States of America
4Age 51 years old 
5Ethnicity Mixed 
6Nationality American
7Famous as Mom of Lil Dicky
8Famous due to Her son David
9Marital Status Married
10Children Son David
11Profession Actress and celebrity mother 

Family of Jeanne Burd

Family of Jeanne Burd

The birth country of Jeanne burd is the United States of America and she spend her early life in America. She belongs to Jewish family in the Elkins Park. She has got a son to take care in her earlier life suffering from a tangled urethra and hypospadias, in which the urethra does not open from its usual location in the head of the penis. The Burds were natives of the Elkins Park area where they built their homes. Jeanne is part of a Jewish family, which is part of upper-class people.

Jeanne Burd give birth to her son David on 15 March 1988, and she is now in limelight due o to her son. Although there is a discussion and Alexa Answer quotes that ” Don and Carol Burd nurtured David Andrew Burd”.

The Career Jeanne Burd

If we talk about her career she is an actor (not famous) then we must mention that she gain fame due to her son David and is commonly known as the Mother of Lil Dicky. But along with this, she has her struggle in her life and interestingly she is one behind the successful career of her son.

The NetWorth of Jeanne Burd 

Jeanne Burd is the loving mom of a celebrity and she also belongs to an upper-class Jewish family furthermore, is also an actress. Jeanne Burd worked on different projects and along with those she also manages her sons’ accounts. So Jeann Burd is earning a sufficient amount of wealth from her various skills and interest  and the exact amount of net worth is not public, but there is a prediction of about $1.2 million.

NetWoth of Jeanne Burd’s Son

Jeanne Burd is a famous name in the field of famous parenting. The popularity of her son was instrumental in propelling her into the spotlight. Burd hasn’t been retaining his place as the focal point of attention. Since she hasn’t revealed her profession it is difficult to determine her net worth. Lil Dicky is a millionaire, earning in the range of $8 million. He amassed this huge amount throughout his career. He added to it through different collaborations, ads, and other campaigns.

Social Media of Jeanne Burd

Jeanne is not active on one of her various social media accounts, which include Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, and YouTube websites that she has linked with her account. However, her son, Lil Dicky uses social media platforms. 

The Body Measurement Of Jeanne Burd 

Body measurements of Jeanne Burd has a well-shaped and well-maintained body. She stands at an average height of about 5’3 inches. Also, she has a slim frame that weighs 59 kg. Additionally, Jeanne Burd has beautiful hazel eyes and dark hair. Apart from this, Jeanne Burd has not revealed other body sizes or measurements such as dress size, chest-waist-hip size, and other specifics. We will notify you about this information once she has revealed the details.

Husband of Jeanne Burd 

Jeanne Burd is living her life happily and is married however she has not revealed the identity of her husband. She gave birth to her son David Andrew Burd on 15 March 1988 and lives with her son. However there is a rumor that Don Burd is her husband.

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