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Is your mattress making you sick?

Worried about your health due to your mattress, Is your mattress making you sick? A great mattress is very Important due to many reasons. We are going to discuss all that below:

Good sleep is essential for your general health as well as well-being and a mattress that supports you is vital for your spine health. When considering a mattress, there’s another aspect to consider: toxicity. Most people don’t feel mattresses that can make them sick by releasing toxic chemical substances; however, it could. Here’s what you need to be aware of the harmful chemicals you may find within your mattress; that can cause sickness in your body.

Hidden Chemicals

Polyurethane, formaldehyde, and boric acid are only a few of the chemicals that could be found in the typical mattress.

Polyurethane is flammable, and to meet safety standards, many manufacturers use fire-retardants, which gradually release toxins and may be found in the placental tissue of pregnant women.

Other chemicals that are off-gas can irritate your throat, eyes, lungs, and nose and have been linked with allergies, organ toxicity, and some instances related to cancer.

Suggestion to Consider:

Buy an organic mattress. Find the Global Organic Textile Standard and GOLS(Global Organic Latex Standard label), which proves that 95% of the materials are organically certified. The rest aren’t made up of polyurethane or flame-retardant substances.

Fumes from off gas are toxic to humans

Modern mattresses contain flame retardants mandated in Federal Regulation and contain petrochemical synthesized foams. As they become old, they constantly emit chemical gases. Because our system of reparation and our brain stems are directly connected to these substances for as long as 8 hours each night, we have to note the effects on our overall health and well-being.

The majority of mattresses sold today include polyurethane foam that contains three carcinogens within its composition. Many people report experiencing a reaction to their new mattress , resulting in an allergic attack that cause chronic pain, itchy rashes and hives.

Some Common Signs You Need to Notice:

weakens your spinal column

If our mattresses fail to pull our hips upwards in a proper position, we slouch when we sleep. This causes tension on the back muscles, as they attempt to keep our spine column up. The stress can result in chronic back pain during the day, and a general weakening of the spinal column. The brain tells us to lift something, but our back is suddenly out of alignment. We usually blame it due to age or physical condition, but often, it’s due to our weak spine support system.

It’s got saggy springs and foam that is floppy

Whether you’re using a conventional spring mattress or foam mattress, it will eventually lose its elasticity and begin to shrink in worn areas. A mattress that isn’t level will not help your body in the right way and could result in chronic neck, back joint, and back pain and disrupt your sleep.

How to Avoid being Sick?

Rotate your mattress frequently. This will stop you from sinking in the worn areas of your mattress and allow you to enjoy eight hours of peaceful sleeping.

If your mattress isn’t rotating enough to ease the pressure on your spine, you should consider purchasing a new, organic mattress.

Allergens & Bacteria.

A mattress that is not protected becomes an ideal container for moisture that we don’t use during our sleep, dead skin cells and allergens that pets or children bring in from the outside. The mattress could grow in weight in 5 years because of these substances and bacteria, transforming into an allergy pit that encourages breathing disorders, including snoring. Try cleaning your mattress.

It’s your pillow that makes you sneeze

You already know that dust mites are all over your mattress. It’s awful. This can cause allergic reactions or asthma signs in 10% people as per the American College of Asthma Allergies, Allergies and Immunology. This means a runny nose or nasal congestion and a plethora of coughs. To prevent this from happening, put your pillow in the washer regularly.

That sounds rather uncomfortable, isn’t it? Chiropractic doctors think that the old mattress is a recipe for long-term back discomfort. It could be a matter of changing positions throughout the night, trying to find the most comfortable position to sleep in, or even getting up in the morning with stiff and sore.

As time passes, the pain could make it difficult to fall asleep and remain asleep, leading to an endless cycle of discomfort and exhaustion. In reality, according to the National Sleep Foundation, two-thirds of Americans claim that their pain can cause sleep issues. It’s not exactly fun.

Luckily, strategically placed pillows will help you find temporary relief. Place them between your knees when you rest on your back and between them when you rest on your sides.

This can ease some pressure from your back temporarily. However, according to experts, the best and more permanent option is to find the best mattress to relieve back discomfort.

At The End

Reading at night can cause eyes damage

While scrolling through your social media feed before sleeping is a good method of unwinding, it’s the time to take a break from your eyes after a long day of screens. To avoid dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision and other issues, make sure your phone is away from your mattress.

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