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Is Magic Spoon Cereal Worth the Hype?

Remember this? Waking up on Saturday morning and running to the kitchen for the only kid fix-able breakfast food there was – cereal. We’d fill our bowls to the brim with colorful sugar loops and pour milk on top. We’d also grab the cereal box after school and munch on its contents dry like a snack. 

Mostly, we wanted to eat the name brand, popular cereals that all our friends were eating regardless of the pounds of sugar we were consuming in a year. We would argue with our mom in the grocery store that it HAD to be Froot Loops, NOT the store brand Fruit Loops. Our logic being that there was no way they tasted the same, especially not when the brand name was $4 more. 

Fast forward to today, not much has changed. So when the new and innovative Magic Spoon Cereal comes on the market, it can be hard to not get caught up in the hype. The interesting thing is, it may just deserve all the attention it’s getting. 

Kid Tested, Mother Approved

You’re not a kid anymore. While you may still indulge in cereal as a breakfast food or snack, it’s much more likely that you’re considering your nutritional needs more now than you did back then. But maybe you don’t have to give up your childhood cravings quite yet. Magic Spoon Cereal might just be the perfect combination of health and nostalgia. 

Sure, you can still go for a sophisticated, adult-like cereal to get all the nutrients you need. However, the array of Magic Spoon Cereal flavors might make you change your mind. There is fruity, cocoa, frosted, blueberry, peanut butter, honey nut, and more! Without a doubt, these popular options will win over even the most fussy of consumers – even you. 

If you’re a mother, Magic Spoon Cereal may just be the answer you’ve been looking for. If you compare Magic Spoon Cereal to the popular name brands, the nutritional facts are astounding. For example, traditional fruity cereals average 21 grams of net carbs while fruity Magic Spoon Cereal has only 3 grams. At 11 grams of protein, Magic Spoon Cereal beats the competition’s 2 grams. 

There’s another problem with cereal – the sugar on top. A lot of times even if we (or our kids) will eat a healthier cereal, we are likely to try to cover a bland taste with sugar. We already know that most name brand products will be loaded with it. The secret is to replace that sugar with something that tastes just as sweet, so they don’t even notice. Magic Spoon Cereal is sweetened just enough with monk fruit, stevia, and allulose.

Even though the nutritional facts don’t matter to your kid, you can still feel good that you’re practicing the mantra of know better, do better. Not only that, you just found yourself a healthy alternative and permission to act a little like a kid again.

Magically Delicious

If you have ever thought you’d go crazy trying to get a child to eat something they don’t like, you are not alone. The problem with healthier options is, even if they deliver on the nutrients, the kids can’t get past the taste. Let’s face it – neither can adults.

Magic Spoon Cereal doesn’t get soggy and will hold its crunch in milk according to one adult consumer. It doesn’t have that diet taste with artificial or chalky textures or smells. It is also a versatile food that can be customized with different toppings like fruit or almond milk. 

The delicious part perfected, Magic Spoon Cereal also delivers the nostalgia of your childhood days in a colorful, artistic and educational box. So your kids can still have their morning reading while eating their cereal. And you’ll love the representation of all types of children via the artwork. 

Celebrities are cereal snackers and parents too! Since they have access to any product money can buy, we take notice when they endorse products we use in our lives, especially for our children. Several mother celebrities like Jessica Alba have backed Magic Spoon Cereal. 

Another huge benefit to Magic Spoon Cereal is their subscription service. There is never a concern of product quality. The more you buy, the more you save with each serving of Magic Spoon Cereal averaging at $1.39 a bowl. 

The founders of Magic Spoon Cereal set out to accomplish a perfect blend of nostalgia, taste, and nutrition. They aimed to create “a cereal inspired by the flavors and nostalgia of Saturday morning cartoon cereal but upgraded for a 21st Century consumer.” The healthy cereal movement has taken off, but only you can decide if Magic Spoon Cereal is worth the hype. With happiness 100% guaranteed, what do you have to lose? 

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