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Improve Artistic And Performance: Toyota Corolla Body Kit

The Toyota Corolla, an iconic embodiment of reliability, has been a significant player in the automotive world since its introduction. This popularity makes it an ideal canvas for car enthusiasts to express their creativity and enhance its performance. One common way to personalize a Corolla is by installing a body kit. Which can dramatically alter the vehicle’s look and potentially improve its aerodynamics. This article will explore the components of a Toyota Corolla body kit. Their functions, considerations for installation and the impact on the car’s performance.

What is a Body Kit?

In the simplest terms, a body kit is a collection of modifications for a vehicle’s exterior. These modifications can range from subtle aesthetic enhancements to more substantial changes that affect the car’s performance. For the Toyota Corolla, a body kit may include parts such as front and rear bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, custom hoods and wider fenders, among other components.

Components of a Toyota Corolla Body Kit

1. Front and Rear Bumpers: Aftermarket bumpers typically offer a more aggressive or customized look than factory versions. They can also improve aerodynamics and provide better air intake in some designs.

2. Side Skirts: These are installed along the sides of the vehicle, making it appear lower and sleeker. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, side skirts can also enhance aerodynamics by reducing the amount of air flowing underneath the car.

3. Spoilers: Spoilers, mounted on the trunk or roof, are primarily designed to improve vehicle stability by reducing lift or drag at high speeds. They come in a variety of styles, from unobtrusive lip spoilers to more prominent and sporty wing types.

4. Custom Hoods: These often come with vents or scoops, which can be functional to enhance cooling or they might simply add to the vehicle’s aggressive look.

5. Fenders: Some body kits include wider fenders, especially if a widebody look is desired or to accommodate larger wheels and tires.

Installation Considerations

The complexity of installing a body kit usually necessitates professional installation. It’s crucial to ensure proper alignment and secure attachment of all parts, as poorly installed components can lead to vehicle damage or even safety risks.

Moreover, certain body kit elements might require additional modifications. Such as wider wheels and tires for widebody kits or modifications to the vehicle’s suspension.

Performance and Legal Implications

While a body kit can undoubtedly make your Toyota Corolla stand out. It’s worth noting that modifications to your car’s physical dimensions can impact its handling and performance. For instance, while a spoiler can enhance stability at high speeds, it might also add weight and increase drag.

Legally, certain modifications may not be street-legal depending on your location. Before purchasing a body kit, it’s essential to check with local regulations to avoid potential fines or issues with vehicle inspections.

The Pros and Cons of Installing a Body Kit on Your Vehicle

Pros of Installing a Body KitCons of Installing a Body Kit
1.Aesthetic Appeal: Installing a body kit gives your vehicle a unique, customized look and can enhance the style of your car, making it stand out from the crowd.High Costs: The purchase of a body kit and professional installation can be quite expensive. Certain modifications may also require additional purchases.
2.Potential Performance Improvements: Some body kit components can improve a vehicle’s aerodynamics, potentially reducing drag and increasing downforce, enhancing the car’s handling and stability.Potential Damage and Maintenance: Aftermarket parts might not be as durable as OEM parts and can be more prone to damage from road conditions. Repairs can be costly if specific parts get damaged.
3.Increased Resale Value: In some cases, a professionally installed, high-quality body kit may increase the resale value of your vehicle.Legal Implications: Depending on location, there may be restrictions or legal implications associated with vehicle modifications. Some modifications may not be street-legal.
4.Changes in Vehicle Handling: While some body kit aspects can improve performance, others can negatively impact speed and fuel efficiency due to added weight.
5.Insurance Considerations: Insurance premiums may rise as a result of installing a body kit, as insurance companies often view modifications as increasing the risk of damage or theft.

Best Body Kit Makers

  1. VeilSide: Known for their work featured in films like “The Fast and The Furious,” VeilSide provides a wide range of body kits. Their offerings include kits for a variety of vehicles and they are well-known for their unique and aggressive designs.
  2. Rocket Bunny / Pandem: These brands, headed by Japanese designer Kei Miura, are known for their widebody kits. They offer kits for a variety of vehicles and are recognized for their bold, over-fender designs.
  3. Duraflex: Duraflex offers a wide variety of body kits, hoods, wings and more. They’re known for their revolutionary composite material that provides a mix of flexibility and strength.
  4. Liberty Walk: Liberty Walk is famous for their aggressive widebody kits, particularly for high-end vehicles like Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Nissan GT-Rs.
  5. VIS Racing: VIS Racing offers a large selection of body kits, carbon fiber hoods and other accessories. They are known for their high-quality parts and wide variety of offerings.
  6. Seibon: While not a body kit maker in the traditional sense, Seibon is a leading manufacturer of high-quality carbon fiber automotive components such as hoods, trunks and fenders.
  7. APR Performance: While they specialize in aerodynamic performance parts, such as spoilers and wings, APR Performance also offers widebody kit components for select models.


A Toyota Corolla body kit can be an excellent way to customize your vehicle, whether for aesthetic appeal. Improved aerodynamics or a combination of both. However, as with all vehicle modifications, it’s essential to ensure that. The parts are high-quality, properly installed and compliant with local regulations. With these considerations in mind, a body kit can provide a unique and personalized touch to your trusted Toyota Corolla.

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