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How to Throw Your Kid an Epic Birthday Party

Birthday parties come with a certain level of expectation for mom to outdo herself. Your kid has put the task of giving him or her an epic birthday party in your hands and they expect you to fulfill their expectations do alot of entertainment. This is something that should excite you and make you eager to please. The following ideas should make your planning a bit easier.

Outdoor sleepover

Organize with other kids’ parents to bring them over for the night. Every child should arrive in their pajamas. Start the night with a fun activity such as hide and seek. Cut the cake with the kids after they are through with their playtime. Finish off the night by setting up tents in the backyard, a projector and some popcorn. Make sure it is a family friendly movie you and a few of the invited moms can watch with the children. It will make for a spectacular end to a brilliant party!

Introduce an activity

Introduce a fun activity to keep the kids busy and entertained at the same time. Place plastic bugs or butterflies all over your backyard and tell the kids to look for them. For a little motivation, tell them the team that gets the most butterflies gets a reward. You can also place Easter eggs or hidden treasures and arm the kids with plastic shovels. Early warning: things may get really messy, but there’s nothing like some nice and dirty fun!

Theme birthday

Introduce a theme at your kid’s birthday party to make it really interesting. When you send out the invites tell the other children that they should come dressed as their favorite hero or villain. You can organize some events for the kids where they can have clean fights with plastic swords. Your child will love this and it will make for a memorable party years to come. Way to go mom!

The food

Put on your creative hat and come up with funny but yummy deserts. You can create Oreo mousse where you can place crumbled Oreo’s in chocolate mousse. Another nice way to put your creative food skills at work is the lolly-man cupcake. Make some delicious cupcakes and stick a lolly inside with arms made of delicious frosting. The trick with serving these snacks is that you can never place too many within the kids reach since they will definitely eat them all without saving room for food.

Turn on your inner genius

There are many inexpensive ways to decorate your home for an epic party. One such way is by placing artificial lighting all over your backyard which can make for a beautiful setting for a night party. You can also place artificial stars that glow in the dark all over your house’s walls. The kids will feel like they have been literally transported to space.

You can kill two birds with one stone by implementing these epic ideas. Your kid will be beyond happy at the end of the day and second you will achieve the much coveted title of the coolest mom ever. Make sure you include these ideas in your list the next time you are planning a birthday party.

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