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How to shop for the Best Air Source Heat Pumps

An air source heat pump is a good option for keeping your house warm, cutting heating bills, and benefiting the environment by lowering your carbon emissions. However, because these systems operate very differently from conventional boilers, there are extra factors to consider when installing one.

You must make a well-informed choice regarding your house’s ideal air source heat pump and comprehend how they function. This article’s goal is precisely to do that. You can get information about the Best Air Source Heat Pumps in the UK, how to compare them, and decide which is best for you here.

Having a complete and thorough awareness of every choice accessible when updating any part of your home heating can only be a good thing. And while you presumably already understand the fundamental advantages of radiators and heated towel rails, air source heat pumps are one disadvantage that isn’t as often acknowledged or valued. All you need to do is to talk to the experts and you will be able to shop for the right products. 

  • Air source heat pumps have the simplest installation method compared to other environmentally friendly heating options. They are, therefore, easier to install than other green heating methods.
  • Economical – Compared to a conventional gas boiler, an air source heat pump functions more economically. As a result, your home heating will release significantly less CO2 into the sky.
  • Eligibility for the Renewable Heating Incentive – If you decide to install an air source heat pump, you’ll be eligible for RHI payments under the government-sponsored program. As a result, you can be sure that your investment will eventually provide a sizable return.

To address this, we’ve created a guide that explains how air source heat pumps operate, what they cost up front and over time, and how they may affect how efficiently your house is heated. Can they coexist with radiators? Act independently as a cost-effective indoor or outdoor heat source?

How do heat pumps with an air supply operate?

Imagine them functioning the opposite of a refrigerator, heating your home instead of chilling it, to get a decent idea of how air source heat pumps truly operate.

Air from the outside passes over a mass of tubes that hold refrigerant fluid. As a result, the refrigerant becomes hotter and changes from a liquid to a gas.

The gas now passes through a compressor to increase the pressure and heat. The airline also heats up during the compression operation, which is analogous to topping off the air pressure in automobile tires.

There are different kinds of air source heat pumps.

Air-to-heat and air-to-water variants are the primary categories of air source heat pumps. For air-to-water heat pumps, the procedure is a little bit different. Your wet central heating system receives heat from the outside air before use.

You could find that installing underfloor heating, larger radiators, or more designer radiators is essential to make up for the heat output deficit because the heat delivered is colder than that generally produced by a standard boiler.

Air-to-water heat pumps are, therefore, particularly well-liked choices for newly constructed homes. Including the air source heat pump into the initial design specs may also avoid significant potential aesthetic damage to your home and significant future expenditures.

There is one additional kind of  Best Air Source Heat Pump to discuss, even though its design and operation make it far less suitable for house heating efforts than its competitors.

Heat is simply taken from the outside air and dispersed around your home by fans in air-to-air heat pumps.


White-gloved heating engineer servicing an air source heat pump Reasonably, most prospective customers of air source heat pumps will place the cost at the top of their list of considerations. And rightfully so, given that they are a big investment.

Generally, the Best Air Source Heat Pump will cost around £7,000. However, if installation charges are considered, you probably won’t receive much for your money.

Thought should also be given to comparing the price of this heating system with other renewable energy alternatives, as well as the RHI subsidies you would be eligible for once the system is up and operating.

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