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How to Play Rocket League On Chromebook – Mac, Android

Since its debut at the beginning of this year, Rocket League has been one of the best amazing games on the market. With a game that’s simple to master and play, and a skill ceiling that keeps being raised It has established it to be one of greatest games. But If you were looking to play Rocket League on something other than consoles or Windows PCs but you weren’t in luck. With a bit of help from NVIDIA and NVIDIA, you can play Rocket League on more devices than ever before as well as Chromebooks.

The process of setting up the Chromebook or another equipment to take part in Rocket League involves a small amount of effort, but we’ve put together this helpful guide to get you on the field and scoring some rocket goals as quickly as you can.

How can you play Rocket League on your Chromebook

It is possible to play Rocket League on Chromebooks and other devices using GeForce Now.

The first step in taking part in Rocket League on your Chromebook is to create an Rocket League account. If you don’t have one then you can sign up for free through using the Epic Game Store. If you have a no-cost Epic Games Store account, simply click on the “Get” link in the Rocket League store page to permanently add it to your library.

Visit the NVIDIA GeForce Now homepage in your browser. GeForce Now is a GeForce Now service lets you streaming games onto a range of devices such as Chromebooks with no requirement of a gaming computer. You’ll need a free NVIDIA account to access GeForce Now. GeForce Now is split into two levels which are: Priority and Free. Priority membership costs $9.99 USD per month and provides all-inclusive access to this service as well as RTX upgraded games and access to the priority server. The free membership doesn’t include RTX features, however you are still able to play all games that are compatible in sessions that last up to an hour for free.

Once you’ve signed in to your NVIDIA account After that, you can click the green “Play Now option on the GeForce Now. You’ll be given choices on how to use the service. For Chromebooks you’ll need to choose that Chrome Beta selection. It will take users to GeForce Now gaming portal. It is possible to utilize the search bar located in the upper right corner of this page locate Rocket League. The GeForce Today Rocket League website, you will have the option of selecting which platform you wish to play the game on. Select Epic Games Store if you have it in your account, or Steam when you have Rocket League through that service. Then, you will be asked by a prompt to type in the Epic Games Store credentials to confirm ownership, and you are able to play immediately.

We suggest that you play Rocket League with a controller to get the most enjoyment. Chromebooks are compatible with the Xbox One and DualShock 4 gamepads natively. Both of these options be compatible in conjunction with the GeForce Today Chrome Beta program.

How to play Rocket League on iOS and Android devices

Although there isn’t an officially-licensed mobile game version of Rocket League, it is possible to play the PC version of the game on mobile devices via the NVIDIA GeForce Now service. Similar to the Chromebook method it is necessary to purchase Rocket League through either Epic Games Store or Steam to play it on GeForce Now.

For iOS players on iPhones and iPads simply open Safari Browser. Open Safari Browser and then navigate towards the GeForce Now launch page. You can locate Rocket League through the page’s search function, or within the section for free-to-play in the GFN library. When you click Rocket League, you’ll be required to sign in to the game using either an Epic Games Store or Steam account to play the game (depending on the service through which you’re using for Rocket League).

Android users with smartphones or tablets can download GeForce Now through the official Android application. It is available on the Google Play Store. After you have installed GeForce Now, you need to install the GeForce Now App, you must sign in using an NVIDIA account, select Rocket League, and finally sign in into either your Epic Games account or Steam account (depending of which account you have Rocket League). GeForce Now for Android Android GeForce Now version GeForce Now supports any Android-compatible Bluetooth gamepads.

Download Rocket League For Android & Mac/Ios

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