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How to Market Your Cake Business Using Instagram

Regardless of whether you use Instagram in your personal life, it can be an extremely powerful tool for promoting your cake business. This is true for both brand new companies and established ones, so it’s never too late or too early to hop on board. The platform’s visual nature and range of features are perfectly suited to bakeries, plus it remains popular with a wide variety of users.

Unsure of how to get started? The following tips and tricks will help you to get the best results when using Instagram to market your cake business:

Post Regularly

Generally, you’ll find you get more out of Instagram when you post on it regularly. Between three and seven times a week is best for building a following without it feeling as though you’re spamming people. Remember that you don’t have to post every picture in real-time though, and planning your posts ahead of time can be an effective strategy.

Use High-Quality Images

The standard of the pictures you post can make or break you on Instagram. It’s vital to use top-quality photos, whether that’s of your cakes, your staff in chef aprons with pockets full of cake-making tools, or the interior of your bakery. Choosing a specific aesthetic – like a color scheme – to tie all your images together can also make your page more visually impressive.

Run Competitions 

Having a contest on your Instagram page can be a great way to boost followers and engagement. It’s best to make entering simple – for example, by asking people to comment on a photo of yours or post one of their own with a dedicated hashtag. You’ll need a clear and transparent way to pick a winner, plus an attractive prize (e.g., a free cake or branded tote bag).

Showcase Your Brand’s Personality

One of the big advantages of Instagram is that you have the freedom to be yourself. Treat it as an opportunity to show potential customers the person behind the cakes. If people feel a connection with you, it increases the likelihood that they’ll choose you to buy a cake from. So, whether you’re aiming to be edgy or cute, lean into your unique quirks.

Provide People with Value

Looking at Instagram purely through the lens of how it can bring you profit is a mistake. What you want to consider is how you can use it to bring value to others. It might be sharing some top tips on baking the perfect cake, explaining how to do a certain form of cake decorating, or simply making people smile – just be genuine and you’re sure to build a following.

Prioritize Engagement Over Followers

A lot of people get caught up in how many Instagram followers they have. Want to know a secret? That’s not how you’re going to sell more cakes. If you can gather a community of people who comment on your posts, tag you in their posts and so on, you’ll know that they are truly interested in what you have to offer. Such followers are far more likely to convert to paying customers, and the platform will start to show you to more people too. Talk about a win-win situation.

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