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How to make fruit in little alchemy

Fruits are the most precious creation in the world; it makes our life healthy, tasty, and colourful and the same goes for little alchemy to produce fruit in little alchemy, so if you want to learn to make fruit follow our hints and guidelines. It isn’t straightforward, but we are here for you to make it easier. 

Hints to make fruit in little Alchemy. It’s easy and fun to identify any connection between the game’s combination and the item you need. So, let’s see the possibilities of combinations here.

Scientifically, the tree absorbs sunlight and converts this energy to a chemical. This process is known as photosynthesis. In the course of this process, we harvest fruit from trees.

Learn to make Fruit in Little Alchemy

Hint 1: Sun + Tree = Fruit

Conventionally farmers cultivate plants, water them and take care of them. As a plant matures into an actual tree, it produces fruit. Therefore, this is the most effective combination.

Hint 2: Farmer + Tree = Fruit 

Walkthrough to make fruit in little alchemy 

Some times if you are interested to do some detailed process to gain fruit, so let’s look down to that complete walkthrough as well to make fruit in little alchemy.

Nine different combinations to make fruit in Little Alchemy.

  1. Air + Water = Rain
  2. Rain + Earth = Plant
  3. Earth + Fire = Lava
  4. Air + Lava = Stone
  5. Air + Stone = Sand
  6. Fire + Sand = Glass
  7. Glass + Sand = Time
  8. Plant + Time = Tree
  9. Sun + Tree = Fruit

What else we can make from fruit in little alchemy

We know you are not going to stop just by making fruit to make new things. We managed to guide you by these combinations. 

  • Fruit + Alcohol = wine 
  • Fruit + Blender = smoothie 
  • Fruit + Dough = pie
  • Fruit + Energy = sugar
  • Fruit + Field = vegetable
  • Fruit + Juice = Juicy Fruit 
  • Fruit + Monkey = banana
  • Fruit + Palm = coconut
  • Fruit + Pressure = juice 
  • Fruit + Rocket = Starburst 
  • Fruit + Time = alcohol
  •  Fruit + Tree =fruit tree 
  • Fruit + Water = juice + lemonade

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