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How to Lose 2 Dress Sizes with Simple Tweaks

What happens when you need to lose one or two dress sizes before a big event that is coming up? Do you starve in the meantime? Should you take slimming pills, which may have horrible side effects?

Starving is just a way to make you suffer for fashion. Slimming pills may give you a running stomach that you will hate afterwards. There are simpler tweaks that you can implement in your diet and fashion to help you lose 2 dress sizes in a shorter period and have an good health.

Changes in diet

Sometimes, all you need to do to boost your metabolism and weight loss effort is to detoxify your body. Toxins in the body tend to cause bloating and slow the metabolism. When you remove them, all your systems are revved up. You will find it much easier to implement other short-term weight loss goals after that.

You should also consider using smoothies and juices as a meal replacement alternative. Instead of eating several big means on a daily basis, you can replace one major meal with smoothies and juices made from fruits and vegetables. Your body will still get all the nutrients it needs but without consuming many calories. In no time, you will notice a drop in dress size.

You can also cut down on alcohol and soft drinks. These drinks usually contain plenty of calories and little or no nutrients at all. By simply cutting the drinks out of your diet, you will be eliminating a huge factor to your excess weight. You will be amazed at how better your body looks once soft drinks and alcohol are no longer part of your daily food consumption.

Changes in Activity

When you are on a time crunch and you need to fit into your dream dress, you have to get off the couch immediately. You will need to embark on a high intensity workout program that burns plenty of fat in a shorter period. High intensity running is a good place to start. You can also utilize a jump rope or embark on a dance program. Anything that gets your body moving enables you to burn excess fat.

Take time to increase the amount of sleep that you have to at least 7 hours. This will keep your mood high. In doing so, your body will be able to keep your appetite at bay, which will then ensure you do not suffer from emotional eating problems.

Changes in fashion

It is important for you to utilize fashion tricks that will make you appear to have lost 2 dress sizes, especially when you have a short notice about an event you need to attend.

Wear black to the event that you need to attend. Black is always a good look on all body shapes because it is slimming. It hides all the imperfections and makes people look smaller than they really are.

You should also wear body-contouring dresses. These dresses have both light and dark components that give you a slimmer silhouette. You will get the curves you want and yet look smaller.

Creativity is important of you want to lose 2 dress sizes within a short time, with little effort. Simply choose an option that works for you and use it strategically.

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