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How to Live on a Sailboat – Living on a Boat

Who says that a home should be a house? Since the late 20th century, life in a vehicle has become more and more popular. The idea behind it is that you get as much freedom of motion as you can and work on the way, either remotely or at local jobs. If you wish not only freedom of motion but also to immerse yourself in nature and distance yourself from the stress of everyday city life, life on a sailboat may be the thing for you

Consider putting your entire life on a boat and cruising the seas as you please. It’s definitely achievable, but you need to keep in mind a few things.

Figure out the utilities

With being isolated at sea comes the cost of taking care of your own water supply and sewage drainage. The most common solution is to have two different tanks: a drinking water tank and a greywater tank. Even though this works for a while, you need to keep in mind that you have to empty and refill the tanks. Most marinas offer services for getting rid of sewage and filling up your drinking water. It might seem like a lot to take care of at the beginning, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Next comes electricity. The best option you have is to install solar panels on your vessel. This allows you to save power as you go, and lessens your need for the marina. There are always electricity cords at the marina if you need them.

Stay connected

Chances are that if you’re living aboard, you’re working some kind of remote job. This means that, at least from time to time, you’ll need internet access. If you’re regularly staying in marinas, you can choose those that have a Wi-Fi option or get a hotspot from your mobile phone.

The problem arises if you’re often traveling to different countries or even different continents. One network provider just won’t do it, so you’ll have to get a pricier satellite provider. It all depends on how often you need the internet.

Prepare yourself

In some ways, living on a sailboat is very different from living in a flat or a house. You might want to start with renting a boat and going sailing before committing to it.

Also, before transferring your whole life aboard, you’ll need to reduce the number of your things and declutter. Throw away, donate, or store anything that won’t be necessary, because you’ll need as much space as you can get once you’re out on the sea.

Prepare mentally for a change to a seemingly more simple lifestyle, but also be aware that in some situations you’ll be alone with nature. This can be scary as well as majestic, but if you’re ready to commit, life aboard might make you fall in love with it. Of course, everyone’s different, and you can spend more or less time at the marinas, all depending on your lifestyle.

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